From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Forests and silviculture in the future 2012-2016

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  Brochure (pdf)

The main objective is to produce new knowledge, know-how and operational models with respect to the silvicultural practices and regimes applied to future forests, together with forest owners, enterprises and entrepreneurs working in forestry. The programme will create and disseminate research-based knowledge for decision makers on regeneration chains on heaths and peat lands, on sustainable forest management practices and on alternative forest management regimes. The programme also includes research tasks related to the profitability of forestry and the competitiveness of wood and biomass production in Finland.

Main objectives in a nutshell:

  • To improve the profitability and quality of forest cultivation, including production services
  • To create basic knowledge and operational models for uneven aged forestry, including harvesting operations
  • To compare the profitability of alternative forest management practices and regimes


  1. Silviculture based on forest cultivation
  2. Forest management with complex stand structures
  3. Effects of alternative stand management regimes on wood production and profitability on stand, regional and country level

Individual research projects supporting the overall research programme:

  • Control of vertebrate damage in forestry (deer, vole)
  • Natural regeneration of pine, spruce and birch


Workshop Umeå 1.-2.11.2012 (pdf)
Seminar presentations

Continuous Cover Forestry -workshop Uppsala 21.-22.8.2013 / SLU & Metla

Second workshop on Silvicultural technology Suonenjoki 26.-27.8.2014 / SLU & Luke


More information:

MMT Timo Saksa, tel. +358 2 9532 4834 ,
Luke Suonenjoki
Juntintie 154

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