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Punkaharju Research Forest

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Punkaharju Arboretum

Trials with more than 50 tree species, mainly coniferous, have been established on a 150-hectare area in the Punkaharju research park. In addition to these trials, there is an arboretum containing small plots of all the exotic tree species planted in the research park and also some other species that cannot be found elsewhere in the area. When this arboretum was established during 1929-1938, altogether 72 tree species were planted there. Today, 46 of these species still remain – 39 coniferous and 7 broad-leaved species.


  Photo: Metla/Teijo Nikkanen

The park has been established by forming areas by the genus. Species belonging to the same genus each grow on their own plots, forming a part of a larger area reserved for the particular genus.

This makes it easier to compare different species within the same genus. As for conifers, there are areas for firs (Abies) spruces (Picea), pines (Pinus), larches (Larix) and thuyas (Thuja). Conifer genera that are represented by only one or a small number of species in the park have been planted close to each other, as are the broad-leaved species that can be found in the park. There are posters about the most important exotic species in the area.

The arboretum has been strongly regenerated and developed since the 1990’s. The aim is to plant in the park all coniferous species that have a chance of growing there and, additionally, all domestic broad-leaved species. Different provenances of same species as well as special forms of trees will be presented in the park more widely than before. Since 1991, more than a hundred new lots of seedlings have been planted – these include 16 new coniferous and 33 new broad-leaved species. The broad-leaved species include 15 shrublike species. Special forms of 26 domestic tree species have also been planted (10 spruce, 4 pine, 7 birch and 5 alder forms.) The rest of the new plantings consist of species that were already represented in the arboretum. At present, there are about 134 different species or special forms in the arboretum.


Finnish Forest Research Institute
Punkaharju Research Unit
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Teijo Nikkanen
D.Sc. (For.), Researcher


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