From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Familiarize yourself with forests and forest research

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Research forests, and the hiking trails, guides, and performed field experiments and trials introducing forests and forest research provide a window for viewing the laboratory where tree generations are studied.

By visiting the research forests, you can learn about forest research and its results, about forest flora and fauna, or about the national heritage and landscape of Finland . The nature centres are open for visitors, providing hiking and nature trails with information boards describing the trials.

Services and points of interest

  • Arboretums introduce native and exotic tree species and their domestication in Finland .
  • Specialist services: The personnel of the research stations and areas are happy to provide guidance and advice when needed, for example, by organizing guided tours and introducing research being conducted in forests. Some of the specialist services are chargeable.
  • Support for research: Research forests form the basis for long-term experiments and silvicultural management that differs from ordinary forest management methods, serving the needs of forest research.

For more detailed information on the sites and services, please contact the personnel of the research forests, or Metla’s Research Units and stations. You can also contact the Communications personnel of Metla for more information.

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