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Kivalo Research Forest

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Wild forests, high fells

Kivalo Research Forest is a facility consisting of both managed and near-natural mid and north boreal taiga forests and various types of mires. The vicinity of Metla's Rovaniemi Research Station and the University of Lapland together with the long research history and local infrastructure at Kivalo provide good possibilities for ecosystem and landscape research.

The research area has been named after the Kivalo fell range located on the southern side of the Kemijoki river. Forest research on the Kivalo fells began as early as 1918. Even though most of the Kivalo Research Area is at an altitude of 200-300 metres above sea level, nature is still diverse: the Scots pine stand at Hietaperänkangas represents the most stately pine stands in northern Finland and the most beautiful birch stands in the Rovaniemi area are located at Kaihuanvaara. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, the landscape provides a fine setting for your visit. The research area covers a total of 83 sq. km.

The research area is mainly located in the Vanttauskoski environment in the upper Kemijoki area about 50 kilometres from Rovaniemi towards Kuusamo.



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