From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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The country-wide network of research forests currently consists of approximately 30,000 hectares of land and water areas embracing different vegetation and climatic zones. The first research forests were established in the 1920s. The oldest information regarding the history and silvicultural management of forests and the sample plots founded on the areas dates back to the 1800s. For several decades the research forests were administered and managed by Metla, but from the beginning of 2008 the administration of these areas was transferred to Metsähallitus, although Metla is still providing guidance on the work performed.

The research forests and their network are being developed to facilitate the best possible forest research and dissemination of information gained through research. The research forests have become centres for diverse and long-term experiments, hosting approximately 2000 different ongoing trials or sample plots.

Metla is an active partner in several important research networks, such as FinLTSER, ENFORS, EVOLTREE and NOLTFOX.

A visitor to a research forest has the chance to become acquainted with forest research and its results, different tree species and forest nature. Nature trails and introductions to the trials provide visitors with a chance to widen their knowledge of forests and to enjoy nature.

If needed, Metla’s professionally skilled personnel will be happy to provide guidance for visitors.

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