From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Training at Metla

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Metla’s new vision profiles Metla as the most influential and effective national and international expert on sustainable use of forests anticipating the information needs of its clients. This sets new challenges for Metla’s international activities, which have mainly consisted of shared collaboration projects, researcher networks and international mobility of researchers.

Metla has traditionally had a strong foothold in European forest research, but during recent years it has also expanded its operations outside Europe.

Welcome to Metla!

The exchange of researchers and trainees is an essential part of Metla's international activities. We have been pleased to learn that the figure of foreign researchers and trainees has remarkably increased in Metla during the last few years. This means a big challenge for Metla and we will do our best to meet this challenge. Also apart from forest science, we have mutually a lot to learn from each other's cultures.

The mission of Metla is to build the future of the forest sector of Finland by producing and disseminating information and know-how for the well-being of society. As part of Metla's personnel you will contribute in making this vision come true.

Hannu Raitio
Director General

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