From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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The management board

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Members 1.3.2012-28.2.2015 | The tasks of the board

The management board is the highest decision making body of Metla. It includes seven members, who know the field of activites of the Institute. One member represents the personnel of the Insitute. The board is assigned by the Finnish Government for a term of three years.

The status of the management board as the leading institution of the Institute has been augmented as a result of the development process started in 1998. The management board has to commit itself to developing the Institute and to advise and support the operative management in achieving jointly agreed targets.

Members of the board 1 March 2012 to 28 February 2015

Eeva Hellstöm
Sitra - The Finnish Innovation Fund
Marja Hilska-Aaltonen,
(vice chair)
Counsellor of Forestry
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
, Department of Forestry
Marko Mäki-Hakola Director
Metsänomistajien liitto, Länsi-Suomi
Anssi Niskanen Acting Regional Director
The Finnish Forestry Centre
Mari Walls Professor, Director
Finland's environmental administration (SYKE)
Antro Säilä Director
Tuija Aronen Researcher
Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla)

Members 1.3.2009 - 28.2.2012
Members 1.3.2006 - 28.2.2009
Members 1.3.2003 - 28.2.2006

Tasks of the management board

According to the decree of the Finnish Forest Research Institute in 1999 the management borad directs and controls the activities of the research institute. The tasks of the management board are among other things:

  • to decide the line and goals of the Institute;
  • to ratify the standing order, unless the management board leaves it for ratification by the Director General;
  • to decide the annual economical and research plan of action, the budget proposal, directing the state budget funding with the the ministries according to the commonly agreed agenda, approve the annual research plan, the annual accounts and the annual report;
  • to decide the disciplines of the professorships, to appoint the research director, the administrative director, and the directors of research centres and stations.
  • to decide the usage principles of the research and protection areas
  • to decide on appointing advisory boards and their task
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