From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Forest resources

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Despite the 13% reduction in forest area in 1944 due to the losses of land in the war, Finland's wood resources are currently more plentiful than in the pre-war years. According to the 1st national forest inventory (1921–1924), the total growing stock volume was 1 588 million m³. The latest estimate, based on the 11th inventory, is 2 332 million m³ . The annual average of total drain has been 69 million m³ during the last five years.

Total growing stock

Annual growth

2 332 million m³
103 m³/ha

105 million m³
4.6 m³/ha

Scots pine's share of the growing stock is 50% and that of Norway spruce 30%, leaving 20% for the broadleaved species, mostly birch. This distribution has been a stable one. However, Scots pine is the dominant species on 65% of the forest land area.

Metla has been responsible for carrying out the national forest inventories in Finland since 1921. Read more about the inventories and the forest resources in Finland:

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