From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Multiple Use of Forests

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Outdoor recreation belongs to the Finnish way of life. Ninety-seven per cent of Finnish people participate in outdoor activities and visit nature during the course of year.

Everyman's Right of Access to and recreational use of forests is free for all in Finland. The Everyman's Right bestows on all people a free right to use land owned by others to travel on foot, skis, bicycle or horseback, as well as to pick wild non-protected flowers, berries and mushrooms. However, the Everyman's Right may not be exercised in such a way as to cause any loss to the owner of the land or harm to nature.


Berries and mushrooms

In Finland there are 37 species of edible wild berries of which sixteen are used by households. The total yield of wild berries ranges between 500 and 1000 million kg. Some 40 million kg of lingonberry and blueberry and 10 million kg of other varieties are collected annually. About 80% of this amount go directly for household use.

The annual yield of edible mushrooms ranges between 240 and 1,200 million kg, about 5 - 9 million kg of the yield of edible mushrooms are utilised annually.


In Finland, 34 of the 60 species of mammals and 26 of the more than 230 species of birds are game animals. The overall value of the catch in hunting was estimated to be EUR 80 million in 2011. The moose amounted to 75% of the overall value of the catch.

More Information

Metla conducts research on recreational uses of forests in Finland.
Please, visit Metinfo Multiple Use of Forests -service.

Metla also monitors flowering and ripening of wild forest berries.
Please, visit Metinfo Phenology -service

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