From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Metla -
Finnish Forest Research


Metla Parkano -
Know-how on forests in Western Finland


Metla Oulu - Extensive networking in the rapidly developing Oulu district


Metla Vantaa -
Forest information for future needs


Metla Haapastensyrjä - The centre of forest tree breeding in Finland


Metla Joensuu - Enhancing forest and wood expertise in Eastern Finland


Metla Punkaharju - Building a future for the forest sector through genetic research and breeding of forest trees


Metla Joensuu -
Research Area of Forest Technology and Forest Energy


New forest and forest biomass based products and services


Forests and water (H2O)


Forests and Silviculture
in the future


Wood Materials and Products in the Development of Bio-Economy




Renewing wood product value chains and timber procurement solutions (PUU)


Wellbeing from forests (HYV)


Cost-efficiency and quality in silvicultural operations (MKL)


Functioning of forest ecosystems and use of forest resources in changing climate (MIL)


Safeguarding forest biodiversity – policy instruments and socio-economic impacts (TUK)


Forest Resource Information Systems and Forest Planning (MSU)


Production forestry in drained peatland (SUM)


Metla in charge of Finnish Forest Inventories since 1920 (NFI)


IUFRO Task Force 2007-2011
Forests and Human Health


LifeData 2011-2015 - LifeData improves the life cycle and
accessibility of environmental data


FutMon -project
Evolution of a European long-term forest monitoring system


Root research is producing
valuable information about
tree growth


Future of forest energy in 2030 - Metsäenergian tulevaisuus Euroopassa vuonna 2030


Finland’s first local forest programme completed alongside national heritage landscape


Metla – Expert in resources and technology of forest biomass supply


Genetic diversity is
conserved in gene reserve
forests and collections


Special forms of forest trees for landscaping


Vegetative propagation for enhancing bioeconomy


Multi-faceted Forest Planning Research


Research forests -
a gateway into forest research


Metla House – an Innovative Work Environment for Forest Researchers


International Forestry


Climforisk - How does climate change influence
forest growth and forest damages?


World Forest Society and Environment


Karelia Enpi project


CBS FOREN project


The premises of finnish forestry


Finnish pine is an excellent sensor of environmental changes


Perspectives to recreation and nature-based tourism in Finland


Making Asian Forest Work for People and Nature


Making European Forest Work for People and Nature


Making Sub-Saharan African Forests Work for People and Nature


Making Latin American Forests Work for People and Nature

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