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Roundwood Prices in the Baltic Sea Region

The objective of this site is to bring together the roundwood price data available in most of the countries around the Baltic Sea, and make this data easily and on-line accessible to various user groups. Relevant and representative price series are reported for the following countries: Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. Price data, starting mainly from 1996, are delivered by the national contacts of the Baltic-Nordic Forest Statistics Group (BNFSG). The prices reported here originate from official forest statistics in each country.

Roundwood prices may be reported at three points: standing, at the roadside and in the mill yard. On this site, only roadside prices of roundwood are presented. Monthly prices by roundwood assortment are reported, if available.

Price comparisons between countries should be treated with caution. This is due to matters such as measurement units, as well as quality and dimensional requirements of various assortments varying significantly within the region (see countrywise Product Descriptions). Consequently, the statistics reflect more on the price developments within the countries than the price differences between the countries.

Lithuania took Euro as their currency from 1.1.2015

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