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State of Finland's Forests 2012: Finnish Forests in
European context demonstrated with selected indicators

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Increment and fellings

Net annual increment of growing stock and annual fellings in Europe (1950–2010). Sources: Kuusela (1994). Forest Resources in Europe 1950–1990; State of Europe’s Forest 2011.
Annual increment of growing stock (1935–2010) and annual drain in Finland (1950–2010).



The balance between annual increment and drain of growing stock is the principal indicator of the sustainability of wood production. The total drain may not exceed the increment in the long term.

Both in Europe and in Finland the annual increment of growing stock has exceeded the fellings of wood from forests at least by one fourth on average since the 1970s. Over the same period the growing stock has increased by more than 40%. In the last years the wood market has been in crisis and this influences the trend of marketed roundwood removals.

In Finland during the last 40 years period wood equivalent to the current volume of the tree stock, 2,200 million cubic metres, has been harvested and used. This leads to the conclusion that systematic work on sustainable forest management, forest planning, active participation of forest owners and governmental support are been successful.


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