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State of Finland's Forests 2012: Finnish Forests in
European context demonstrated with selected indicators

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Forest sector workforce

Employment provided by the forest sector is an important indicator of the social benefits generated by forests, especially for the rural areas. An adequate workforce in terms of numbers and qualifications is a critical input to sustainable forest management.

In Europe forest sector employment is still decreasing, mainly in countries where there is still a high potential for mechanisation of forest operations like in Central-East Europe. Whereas in Central-East Europe a reduction in numbers due to productivity continues, West Central and North European forestry seems to have stabilised the work-force at a rather low level, where most job reductions have been reached.

In Finland 2010, the forest sector provided employment to about 69,000 persons, less than 3% of the entire employed labour force. The regional distribution of employed people in forest sector follows the location of manufacturing installations of forest products. The number of employed people in forest sector is stabilized, but the worldwide recession in 2008–2009 caused a collapse in employment particularly in the pulp and paper industries. In 2010, the average unemployment rate in the forest sector was 9.0%.

Employment of forest sector in Europe, total in thousand in 2010. Proportion of forest sector (inlc. furniture industry) of employed persons by forestry centre, 2010.



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