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State of Finland's Forests 2012: Finnish Forests in
European context demonstrated with selected indicators

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Forest management practices

Forest management practices have changed in Europe towards greater integration of biodiversity aspects, such as deadwood components and important vulnerable small biotopes being left in the forests alongside measures for wood production.

The main methods for safeguarding biological diversity in commercial forests in Finland are the protection of valuable habitats and biotopes, favouring of mixed tree stands in the management, and increasing the amount of decayed wood. The selected new forest management policy has brought measurable positive changes to commercial forests An evaluation of threatened species (IUCN classification) conducted in 2010 showed that the rate of decline of certain forest species has slowed down in Finland, or in some cases even stopped since the 1990s, although it has not been possible to halt the the decline in forest species overall. Retention trees at felling sites have been particularly important in curbing the decline trends.


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