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State of Finland's Forests 2011: Finnish Forests in
European context demonstrated with selected indicators

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Forest holdings

The number of forest holdings is an important social indicator, especially for the sustainable development in rural areas.

Within Europe significant change in number of holdings was caused during the last decades by political decisions on the restitution and privatization of forest land to former owners and their heirs in a number of countries in Central, South East Europe and in the Baltic countries. The size of the public and the private forest area in Europe are both about 100 million ha in 2010.

Finnish forestry is mainly in the hands of families, and the properties are mainly quite small. Private forest owners own two thirds of forests in Finland equalling 12 million hectares of forest land; the State, 5 million hectares; companies 2 million hectares; and others (municipalities, parishes and other public corporations) own 1 million hectares of forest land.

Ownership of forest in Europe, 2010.
The share of forest land area by forest ownership category, 2010.



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