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Scots pine – Excellence and image

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Research based information on Scots pine properties and uses

Photo Honkarakenne Oyj 

Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) is a coniferous tree species with a broad distribution (map) in the boreal and temperate regions of Eurasia. It is a very versatile and widely used material for a variety of end uses ranging from furniture and interior uses to structural products and components, log houses, and landscaping constructions.

Properties of Scots pine wood vary by origin. Soil type, length and temperature of the growing period and, hence, geographic growing area, have significant effects on the quality of wood. Trees grown in their natural habitats and in moderately demanding environmental conditions provide a good basis for the utilization of the advantageous properties of Scots pine wood. The properties enable a variety of end-uses with several functional benefits to individual consumers and industrial users of wood products.

This web page contains research based information about the selected properties of Scots pine wood, as well as the suitability of Scots pine wood for different purposes. The specific properties of Scots pine originating from the northerly latitudes are presented among the adequate end-uses for this unique and versatile material. In addition, the positive environmental effects of using wood and wooden products are demonstrated.

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