From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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MOTTI is a stand-level analysis tool and decision support system for forest management. It facilitates assessing the effects of alternative forest management practices on stand development and the profitability of forest management.

The core of MOTTI is a stand-level simulator, which includes growth and yield models for e.g. natural regeneration, growth and mortality. It is designed to simulate stand development under alternative management regimes and growth conditions in Finland (Hynynen et al. 2002, Salminen et al. 2005).

MOTTI predicts the development of the user-defined initial stand until the end of the rotation. The user can define various management schedules including management practices, such as precommercial and commercial thinnings, fertilization, and ditch network maintenance in peatland forests. The user can adjust parameters such as timing and intensity of thinning and proportions of tree species, and define the timing of final cut. Timber assortments include logs, pulpwood and energywood compartments. If the user do not define management practices, MOTTI simulates a default management program for the stand based on the current recommendations for forestry practice in Finland.

For the economic analysis (net present value and bare land value), the user can enter stumpage prices by tree species and timber assortments, costs (e.g. costs of first commercial thinnings, fertilisation and ditch network maintenance) and interest rate. The results will be presented in the form tables, graphs and files exportable to Excel.


2015-02-27 | MOTTI v. 3.3.1 now available. In the new version user has an option to choose higher growth rate for a cultivated stands that has been intensively managed from its establishment.

2013-10-11 | MOTTI v.3.2.1 now available


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