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Information about growth of trees and forests

LIGNUM group


Short history. Originally LIGNUM was devised in an attempt, using object oriented approach, to define data structures in a single tree in a way that enables linking of metabolic activities and structural description in an consistent way. The idea was that this kind of a model could be used for various puposes without the need of major changes for each use. The original team working with this contained members from different disciplines: forest ecology, forest growth and yield research, process-based modelling, forest entomology, computer science and methods of artificial intelligence, and they are : E. Nikinmaa, J. Perttunen, H. Saarenmaa, H. Salminen, R. Sievänen, and J. Väkevä. The reports Salminen et al. 1994 and Perttunen et al. 1996 cover this work.


Currently Risto Sievänen, Eero Nikinmaa and Jari Perttunen form kind of a "core group" of LIGNUM.

Persons involved with LIGNUM activities are:

Name Institute Project
Pekka Kaitaniemi
University of Helsinki
SSCS prjoject
Christian Messier University of Quebec at Montreal SSCS prjoject
Eero Nikinmaa
University of Helsinki,
Dept of Forest Ecology
Core activities
Pekka Nygren
University of Helsinki SSCS prjoject
Jari Perttunen Metla Core activities
Risto Sievänen Metla Core activities
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