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Forest Condition Monitoring in Finland – National report

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Welcome to Metla’s web portal presenting the results of the forest condition monitoring in Finland.

Metla has implemented forest monitoring on two levels. A nationwide extensive monitoring on systematic network (Level I, active during 1986–2012 ) has provided information on regional and time-based variations in forest condition. Intensive forest monitoring (Level II, 1995–) involves diverse monitoring of forest condition and ecosystem functioning, with the aim of analysing the causes of changes observed. With these acitivities, Finland participates in the international ICP Forests Programme launched in 1985 under the UN-ECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution.

Most chapters of this report present results of the whole active monitoring period in Finland, reaching to mid 1980s’ and mid 1990s’ on the Level I and Level II programmes, respectively. In addition to static table and figure format, we have applied some interactive features in the presentation of data. This report is updated with the latest monitoring data once they are ready for publication.

Päivi Merilä
Chief Editor

Citation: Merilä, P. & Jortikka, S. (eds.). Forest Condition Monitoring in Finland – National report. The Finnish Forest Research Institute. [Online report].
Available at [Cited 2013-05-07].


Some results have also been published in the Bulletin.

Tuloksia suomeksi Kansainvälisessä uutiskirjeessä.

Additional information

Coordinator: Päivi Merilä
Extensive monitoring: Seppo Nevalainen
Intensive monitoring: Liisa Ukonmaanaho


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