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Knowledge About the Annual Cycle of Events in Forest Ecosystems

Many uses for information produced by phenological observation series

Long-term phenological observation series provide information about the effects of climate changes on forest ecosystems. Monitoring enables more exact information to be obtained also on the rhythm of height growth of forest trees in different parts of the country and this is useful in the compilation of growth forecasts, for instance. Observations made of the flowering of trees improve the reliability of seed crop forecasts and they are also closely connected to pollen forecasts regarding plant species causing allergies to people. Another objective of phenological monitoring is to add to our knowledge concerning various natural events.

The objective of phyto-phenological monitoring is to produce knowledge about the biological phenomena of forest trees and other forest plant species, and to study how these phenomena occur in relation to climate factors and to one another. This knowledge can then be made use of in studying climate changes, in the formulation of growth forecasts, etc.

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