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Prehas software: references

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Northern Periphery Programme

Methodological background for Prehas –software:

  • Malinen, J. 2003. Locally Adaptable Non-parametric Methods for Estimating Stand Characteristics for Wood Procurement Planning. Silva Fennica 37(1): 109-120. ( (Pdf)

The effect of bucking objectives into assortment and value recovery:

  • Malinen, J., Kilpeläinen, H., Wall, T. & Verkasalo, E. 2006. Variation in the value recovery when bucking to alternative timber assortments and log dimensions. Forestry Studies | Metsanduslikud Uurimused 45:89-100

The effect of stem quality into assortment recovery:

  • Malinen, J., Kilpeläinen, H., Piira, T., Redsven, V., Wall, T. & Nuutinen, T. 2007. Comparing model-based and bucking simulation based approaches in the prediction of timber assortment recovery. Forestry 80(3): 309-321. (CrossRef)



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