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Prehas software

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Northern Periphery Programme

Prehas –software produces prediction of harvestable timber, including predictions of assortment recoveries, length-diameter distribution of logs and value recovery.

Predictions are based on previously collected harvester stem data (stm-data), which is stored into software as a stem database. The software includes routines for user to collect and save own stm-data, which represents local forests.

In addition to stem-database based predictions Prehas includes user interface, where the user is able to input own quality or other data, define what variables are under interest and what variables are mend to be used as a predictor variables.

Prehas –software is distributed as two versions, one for Scotland and the other for international use. The softwares share the core algorithms, but used prediction variables differs between two versions. If outside Scotland, the Scottish version meets your needs better than international version, you are able to select that version as well.

The development of Prehas –software has been funded in EU’s Northern Periphery –programmes project Developing the Scots Pine Resource.



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