Metla - Projects Started this Year

Additional value for poor-productive peatlands $ú new forest biomass products, 3611
    2014-2017, Silvan Niko, PA
Applying foresight in increasing business activities in Russia among forest bioeconomy companies, 7581
    2014-2015, Leinonen Timo, JO
BIOSTEP - From nature to pharmaceutical lead compounds, 7578
    2014, Sarjala Tytti, PA
Biodiversity and ecosystem services in multi-objective forest management, 3620
    2014-2018, Juutinen Artti
CAR-ES network meeting in Finland 20. - 22.10.2014, 7606
    2014, Finér Leena, JO
Challenges of forest management in the changing environment, 640090
    2014-2016, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
Data to Intelligence Tekes 340/12, 7584
    2014-2015, Hynynen Jari, VA
Delivery and handling of the raw-materials of biorefinery, 7614
    2014-2015, Nurmi Juha, KA
Demo Woods, 7605
    2014, Varjo Jari, VA
Developing methods for GHG-inventory, 7596
    2014-2016, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA
Development of information service for science-based information of multiple use of forests, 3622
    2014-2018, Sievänen Tuija, VA
Douglas-fir and beech - trees for future?, 7607
    2014-2015, Pulkkinen Pertti, HA
Economics of tree breeding and forest management with the emphasis of wood products, 3631
    2014-2017, Ahtikoski Anssi, OU
Effects of peatland forest harvesting on recipient watercourses, 3621
    2014-2017, Ukonmaanaho Liisa, VA
Efficient wood procurement as a part of value chain, 3630
    2014-2017, Jylhä Paula, KA
Enhancing landscaping sector's ability to manage the risks of quarantine pests, 7595
    2014-2015, Uimari Anne, SU
Environmental assessment tools from forest to end users, 3619
    2014-2016, Räty Tarmo, JO
Estimation of carbon stock changes of harvested wood products under the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol reporting, 7608
    2014-2016, Tuomainen Tarja, VA
FACESMAP (Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe: Significance for Management and Policy)FPS COST project FP1201. COST meeting 14. - 16.5.2014., 7589
    2014, Hujala Teppo, VA
Forest inventory in large regions, 7604
    2014, Korhonen Kari Tapani, JO
Forest owners' peer-to-peer advising diversifies professional advisors' work, 7613
    2014-2017, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Forest policy, investments, markets and Russian forest sector, 3628
    2014-2016, Karjalainen Timo
Forest taxation analyse, 7612
    2014, Leppänen Jussi, VA
Forest use and ecosystem services - forSERVICE, 3623
    2014-2018, Merilä Päivi, OU
Forests for multiple purposes, 3627
    2014-2018, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Governing adaptive change towards sustainable economy in the Arctic, 640092
    2014-2018, Juutinen Artti
Graphic desing and layout to a history book, 7585
    2014, Joutsimäki Marjatta, KP
Green chemistry from forests $ú innovative processes and products, 3618
    2014-2018, Saranpää Pekka, VA
Growth rate of Norway spruce: genotypic variation of root growth and interactions with rhizosphere, 640091
    2014-2018, Pennanen Taina, VA
Health and wellbeing benefits and recreation opportunities of green environment, 3613
    2014-2018, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
Hyperspectral stereoscopic imaging in remote sensing (HSI-Stereo), 7577
    2014-2015, Tuominen Sakari, VA
Integrated rodent research, 3629
    2014-2017, Henttonen Heikki, VA
Integration of wood product industries in to cleantech industries, 7597
    2014-2015, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Inventory and occurrence of red-listed forest species in areas protected under METSO programme, 7600
    2014, Siitonen Juha, VA
Light for the plantations - LED technology in the somatic embryogenesis of conifers, 7588
    2014, Aronen Tuija, PU
Man-made gene reserve forest - a new tool for dynamic gene conservation of forest tree species, 7601
    2014, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Market awareness as a booster of wood product industry competitiveness, 3624
    2014-2017, Riala Maria, VA
Methods for utilizing the field data measurements of the Finnish National Forest Inventory in the air-borne laser based forest assessments by the Finnish Forest Centre, 7598
    2014-2015, Mäkisara Kai, VA
Metla's archives closing, inventoring and screening., 7610
    2014, Suomela Aini-Sisko, KP
Monitoring of element loads from forested catcments, 7593
    2014, Finér Leena, JO
New business models enhancing multiple-use forestry, 3626
    2014-2018, Hujala Teppo, VA
Novel land-use options for drained peatlands, and their impacts on ecosystem services, 3633
    2014-2018, Laiho Raija, PA
Optimal policies and the role forest biomass in climate and energy issues, 7611
    2014-2015, Uusivuori Jussi, VA
Planning for active and multiple use of forests $ú interface between land owner and regional planning/zoning, 3632
    2014-2018, Packalen Tuula, JO
Production of bioethanol, biocoal, special sugars and biobased lignin and hemicellulose products from renewable raw materials obtained from forests, fields and peatlands, 3625
    2014-2017, Ilvesniemi Hannu, VA
Raw materials, their streams and utilization in wood product industries in the future, 3615
    2014-2018, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Real Time Forecasting of Quality and Natural Drying of Energy Wood Based on Weather History, 3617
    2014-2015, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Risks for Finnish wood harvesting enterprises in Russia, 7582
    2014, Karvinen Sari, JO
Societally sustainable use of natural resources, 3612
    2014-2018, Tuulentie Seija, RO
Softening of heat treated wood in prolonged water exposure, 7602
    2014-2015, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Suitability of pulp fibers of wood and reed canary grass for growing media of forest tree seedlings, 7592
    2014, Heiskanen Juha, SU
Sustainability criteria for utiliasation of forest biomass, 7594
    2014, Ukonmaanaho Liisa, VA
The 9th European Conference on Ecological Restoration, 7586
    2014, Tolvanen Anne, OU
The history of the Finnish Forest Research Institute, 7583
    2014-2017, Kauhanen Erkki, KP
The procurement of the research infrastructure for atmospheric and environmental research, 7603
    2014-2015, Finér Leena, JO
Towards genomic breeding - utilization of gene information in breeding for quality in trees, 3635
    2014-2019, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Utilization of Finnish forest energy know how and technology in Russia, 7599
    2014-2015, Karjalainen Timo
Uumaja Future forests, money transactions Metla-SLU, 7579
    2014-2015, Hänninen Riitta, VA
VARMA- Value added by optimal wood raw material, 7587
    2014-2017, Uusitalo Jori, PA
Wood Materials and Products in the Development of Bio-Economy - coordination, extension and shared tasks of the research programme, 3614
    2014-2018, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Wood quality traits and their phenotyping for forest tree breeding, 3616
    2014-2018, Harju Anni, PU
Woodworking sector in bio-economy, 3634
    2014-2017, Hänninen Riitta, VA

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