Oulu Projects

Current Projects

Economics of tree breeding and forest management with the emphasis of wood products, 3631
    2014-2017, Ahtikoski Anssi, OU
FORGER - Towards the Sustainable Management of Forest Genetic Resources in Europe, 8544
    2012-2016, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Forest use and ecosystem services - forSERVICE, 3623
    2014-2018, Merilä Päivi, OU
Forests for multiple purposes, 3627
    2014-2018, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Identification of novel regulators of plant architecture and wood formation by studying natural variation in Betula pendula, a novel model tree, 640089
    2013-2016, Nieminen Kaisa, OU
Monitoring of Forest Ecosystems, 3511
    2009-2025, Merilä Päivi, PA
Phenology and crop forecasts of forest plants in changing climate, 3517
    2009-2015, Kubin Eero, OU
Quantification and valuation of ecosystem services to optimize sustainable re-use for low-productive drained peatlands (LIFEPeatLandUse), 8547
    2013-2018, Tolvanen Anne, OU
The 9th European Conference on Ecological Restoration, 7586
    2014-2015, Tolvanen Anne, OU
The professorship in forest regeneration ecology and Nornet co-operation, 7394
    2010-2019, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Towards genomic breeding - utilization of gene information in breeding for quality in trees, 3635
    2014-2019, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU

Former Projects

Boreal forest mosses as indicators of nitrogen deposition, 3516
    2009-2014, Piispanen Juha, OU
Development of GIS-based machine planting in the Region of Northern Ostrobothnia, 7497
    2012-2014, Kubin Eero, OU
Genetic variation in growth rhythm and pest and disease resistance: potential applications in tree breeding and gene conservation work, 3538
    2010-2014, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Granulation enhances ecological friendliness, 7565
    2013-2014, Kubin Eero, OU
Man-made gene reserve forest - a new tool for dynamic gene conservation of forest tree species, 7601
    2014, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
NOVELTREE- Novel Tree Breeding Strategies, 8519
    2008-2013, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Relationships between boreal understorey vegetation, soil fertility and stand structure in upland forests in Finland and Russian Karelia, 640093
    2013-2014, Merilä Päivi, OU
Restoration and rehabilitation as tools to enhance the biodiversity and multiple-use of peatlands, 3532
    2010-2014, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Satellite-based mapping of the growing season in northern Fennoscandia and neighbouring parts of NW Russia, 50206
    2009-2012, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Socioecological tools for the planning of tourist destinations in Kainuu, 7476
    2011-2014, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Sustainability criteria for utilisation of forest biomass, 7559
    2013, Merilä Päivi, OU
Swamp program of North Ostrobothnia and Western Kainuu, 7445
    2010-2014, Tolvanen Anne, OU
The granulation of ashes in North Ostrobothnia, 7464
    2011-2013, Kubin Eero, OU
Use of commercially unproductive drained peatlands - LIFE planning project, 7520
    2012, Tolvanen Anne, OU

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