Joensuu Projects

Current Projects

Applying foresight in increasing business activities in Russia among forest bioeconomy companies, 7581
    2014-2015, Leinonen Timo, JO
Bamboo fuel chip production for renewable energy EEP RECOFTC, 7574
    2013-2015, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Biomass resource assessment and feedstock availability, 3562
    2012-2016, Anttila Perttu, JO
Competitive Small Scale Forest Biomass Chains for District and House Heating - Opportunities for the Forest Biomass Sector in Finland and beyond, 3566
    2012-2016, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Control of vertebrate damages in forestry, 3550
    2012-2016, Matala Juho, JO
Coordination project of the research and development programme New forest and forest biomass based products and services, 3599
    2013-2017, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Delivery of sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a resource-efficient Bioeconomy in Europe (S2Biom), 8549
    2013-2016, Anttila Perttu, JO
Enerwoods, 7489
    2011-2015, Anttila Perttu, JO
Environmental assessment tools from forest to end users, 3619
    2014-2016, Räty Tarmo, JO
Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook, 3600
    2013-2016, Viitanen Jari, JO
Forest hydrology and environmental responses of trees, 3595
    2013-2017, Repo Tapani, JO
Forest inventory designs and methods, 3547
    2011-2015, Kangas Annika, VA
Forest owners' peer-to-peer advising diversifies professional advisors' work, 7613
    2014-2017, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Forest policy, investments, markets and Russian forest sector, 3628
    2014-2016, Karjalainen Timo
ForestEnergy2020, 3564
    2012-2016, Asikainen Antti, JO
Forests and Water- transfer of knowledge and expertise, 3593
    2013-2017, Finér Leena, JO
FunDivEUROPE-Functional significance of forest biodiversity in Europe, 8536
    2010-2015, Finér Leena, JO
Impacts of terrestrial organic matter loading on lake food webs and human health Challenges for environmental regulation- TERLA, 640083
    2012-2016, Piirainen Sirpa, JO
Innovative and Effective Technology and Logistisc for Forest Residual Biomass Supply in the EU (INFRES), 8545
    2012-2015, Asikainen Antti, JO
Integration of wood product industries in to cleantech industries, 7597
    2014-2015, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Joensuu Forest Networking Week, JFNW 2013-2015, 50274
    2013-2015, Lier Markus, JO
MULTI EFFORT (Multiple eco-friendly forest use: Restoring Traditions), 7530
    2012-2015, Salo Kauko, JO
Modification of wood properties and markets for modified wood in wood products sector, 3597
    2013-2015, Möttönen Veikko, JO
Monitoring of element loads from forested catcments, 7593
    2014-2017, Finér Leena, JO
National Forest Inventory 10, 3401
    2004-2025, Korhonen Kari Tapani, JO
Novel cross-border solutions for intensification of forestry and increasing energy wood use, 7534
    2012-2015, Karjalainen Timo
Novel measurement and grading applications and customer solutions for determining quantity and quality of timber, 3596
    2013-2015, Antikainen Jukka, JO
Official tasks of wood measuring, 3364
    2002-2025, Lindblad Jari, JO
Orchestrating forest-related policy analysis in Europe (ORCHESTRA), 7547
    2013-2015, Packalen Tuula, JO
Planning for active and multiple use of forests $ú interface between land owner and regional planning/zoning, 3632
    2014-2018, Packalen Tuula, JO
Raw materials, their streams and utilization in wood product industries in the future, 3615
    2014-2018, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Real Time Forecasting of Quality and Natural Drying of Energy Wood Based on Weather History, 3617
    2014-2015, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Risk estimation and control of European spruce bark beetle and other bark beetles on spruce, 3604
    2013-2016, Neuvonen Seppo, JO
STARTREE - Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products a challenge and opportunity, 8546
    2012-2016, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Services and decision support methods for energy wood production and trade, 3563
    2012-2016, Pasanen Karri, JO
Smart forest biomass supply chains from forest to consumer including advanced logistic and quality control and fuel upgrading options, 3561
    2012-2016, Laitila Juha, JO
Softening of heat treated wood in prolonged water exposure, 7602
    2014-2015, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Technology transfer in forest seedling production, 7580
    2013-2015, Parviainen Jari, JO
The procurement of the research infrastructure for atmospheric and environmental research, 7603
    2014-2015, Finér Leena, JO
Timber surveying fees, 7616
    2014-2016, Lindblad Jari, JO
Topical follow-up of forest sectors in Russia, Central and Eastern European countries, 3598
    2013-2017, Karvinen Sari, JO
Trainees, 7402
    2010-2015, Keronen Raili, JO
Utilization of Finnish forest energy know how and technology in Russia, 7599
    2014-2015, Karjalainen Timo
Wood Materials and Products in the Development of Bio-Economy - coordination, extension and shared tasks of the research programme, 3614
    2014-2018, Verkasalo Erkki, JO

Former Projects

Raw material properties and measurement of forest-based biomaterials, 7355
    2009-2010, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
'REMOTE Renewable Energy Training and Demonstration Network for Remote Communities in the NPP Area, 7538
    2012-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Alternative silviculture methods and ecological sustainability, 3128
    1993-1994, Parviainen Jari, JO
An open environmental calculator to construction, 7527
    2012-2013, Räty Tarmo, JO
Assessing quantity, quality and value of wood raw-material for timber trade and procurement, 3503
    2008-2012, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
BUSINESSPLAN - Business planning oriented services for different forest owner segments preparation of the project, 7449
    2010-2011, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Bioenergy Proliferation and Deploymet (BioPAD), 7539
    2012-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Bioenergy from forests -research program co-ordination, 3432
    2006-2011, Asikainen Antti, JO
Broadening and increasing wood utilisation, 7037
    1999, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Business networks, innovation and new product and service concepts in wood products industries of the building construction value chain, 3502
    2008-2011, Rimmler Thomas, JO
CAR-ES network meeting in Finland 20. - 22.10.2014, 7606
    2014, Finér Leena, JO
Capacity building of teachers and trainers, 7232
    2006-2009, Karvinen Sari, JO
Central and Eastern Europe Information Service (KIEMET), 7395
    2010-2013, Karvinen Sari, JO
Climate change and tree roots: Effects of soil frost and flooding on tree growth, 3489
    2008-2012, Repo Tapani, JO
Co-ordination and extension of the research programme "Potentials for the utilisation of roundwood and wood raw materials in relation to the wood product markets", 3352
    2002-2007, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Combining NFI- and LIDAR-data for management planning, 7216
    2006-2007, Korhonen Kari Tapani, JO
Comparison of Harvesting Methods - Impacts on Wood Quality and Overall Performance of Wood Harvesting Companies, 8508
    2006-2008, Karvinen Sari, JO
Comparison of forest inventory in Russia and Finland, 7532
    2012-2013, Korhonen Kari Tapani, JO
Competing uses of forest-land: the future of integrative and segregative forest management in Europe, 7502
    2012-2014, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Competitive properties and mechanical further processing of boreal pine wood, 7112
    2002-2003, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Coordination of Forest Management Planning Research Programme, 3270
    1999-2006, Packalen Tuula, JO
Coordination of PUU-programme, 3498
    2008-2014, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Coordination of Research and Development Programme on Forest Resource Information System and Forest Planning, 3434
    2006-2010, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Corner stones of successful heat entrepreneurship, 7273
    2007-2010, Asikainen Antti, JO
Criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management in Finland in 2000, 7036
    1999-2000, Parviainen Jari, JO
Customer oriented logistics and e-business of chopped firewood, 7122
    2002-2004, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Decision support contributing to forest biodiversity, 3525
    2009-2012, Hujala Teppo, JO
Description of commercial roundwood and its distribution in analysing future cutting possibilities, 7022
    1999-2000, Packalen Tuula, JO
Development of Training Manuals and Materials, 7237
    2006-2009, Karvinen Sari, JO
Development of procurement and saw milling of Scots pine from thinnings, 7054
    2000-2003, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Diversifying hardwood utilisation, 3353
    2002-2007, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Economics, Wood Quality and Productivity of Nature Oriented, 3289
    2000, Parviainen Jari, JO
Effect of final cutting on the water, carbon and nutrient stores and fluxes in boreal forest, 3310
    2001-2003, Piirainen Sirpa, JO
Effect of Land Use on Diffuse Load, 7410
    2010-2013, Finér Leena, JO
Effect of compressive and thermal modification on stability of surface properties of wood, 7514
    2012-2014, Möttönen Veikko, JO
Effect of soil temperature on the water transport and carbon and nitrogen allocation in forest trees, 3311
    2001-2003, Repo Tapani, JO
Effects of internationalisation on roundwood markets and business strategies of sawmilling industry in Finland, 3424
    2006-2009, Viitanen Jari, JO
Effects of restoration on the development of trees, vegetation and macrofungi in former managed forests, 3404
    2005-2006, Eerikäinen Kalle, JO
Energy wood measurement for quantity and quality, 3455
    2007-2012, Lindblad Jari, JO
Energy wood scaling, 7470
    2011-2012, Lindblad Jari, JO
Enhancing local activity and values from forest land through community-led strategic planning, 7184
    2005-2008, Packalen Tuula, JO
Environmental effects of shorter forest rotation in a landscape perspective, 50160
    2007-2008, Finér Leena, JO
Factors for the wood and timber quality of Scots pine, 3354
    2002-2007, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Finnish-Russian Forest Academy 2 - Extension and Piloting, 7540
    2012-2014, Leinonen Timo, JO
Fire as a tool in managing forest succession, 7062
    2000-2003, Salo Kauko, JO
Five European RES Heat Pilots (5EURES), 8503
    2005-2008, Anttila Perttu, JO
Fluxes of elements in boreal forest ecosystem after forest managements, 3383
    2004-2007, Piirainen Sirpa, JO
Foremms II - demonstration, 821802
    2001-2003, Alm Jukka, JO
Foremms, 821801
    2000-2002, Alm Jukka, JO
Forest Reserves Research Network (EU-COST), 8124
    1996-1999, Parviainen Jari, JO
Forest and energy technology - knowledge and technology transfer, 7288
    2007-2009, Pasanen Karri, JO
Forest biomass energy management and utilization plan for Yunnan, China, 7510
    2012-2013, Anttila Perttu, JO
Forest inventory and estimation methods for management planning, 3343
    2002-2007, Korhonen Kari Tapani, JO
Forest inventory in large regions, 7604
    2014, Korhonen Kari Tapani, JO
Forest owners' decision situations and pluralistic decision support, 3521
    2009-2013, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Forest sertification and sustainable forestry in Russian Karelia, 3290
    2000-2001, Kolström Taneli, JO
Forest-related research and development projects supporting bioeconomy, 7483
    2011, Packalen Tuula, JO
Geographical information systems and multi-objective decision support methods for multiple use forestry, 3530
    2010-2013, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Greenhouse gas (CH4 ja N2O) release in wetland buffer ecosystems after nutrient release from forestry practices, 3378
    2003-2007, Alm Jukka, JO
Habitats of the Siberian flying squirrel (Pteromys volans) in South Finland and the development of potential habitats in different cutting scenarios in 2005-2055, 7243
    2006-2008, Packalen Tuula, JO
ICI Vietnam and Nepal, 7391
    2010-2012, Eerikäinen Kalle, JO
Identification of restrictions to land use in forest management, 7492
    2012-2014, Packalen Tuula, JO
Identification of the needs and costs of the monitoring of nutrient export from foretry areas, 7467
    2011-2012, Finér Leena, JO
Improving statistics on the price of forest energy, 7472
    2011, Anttila Perttu, JO
Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2013, 7560
    2013, Lier Markus, JO
Kukkola Arboretum, 7397
    2010, Muhonen Timo, JO
LIFE to KOLI- Restoration of the forests and meadows in the National Park, 8025
    2003-2006, Eerikäinen Kalle, JO
Larch as rawmaterial for joinery industry, 7005
    1998-2001, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Leaching of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus from forest land in the Nordic and Baltic countries, 50259
    2011-2013, Finér Leena, JO
Less is more, 7333
    2008-2010, Asikainen Antti, JO
Logistical models and applications in wood procurement, 3331
    2002-2004, Asikainen Antti, JO
    2013, Parviainen Jari, JO
Markets for Wood-Based Fuels - Monitoring and Review, 3574
    2012-2014, Mutanen Antti, JO
Metti WoodSci, Collaboration Network of Metla and UEF , 3549
    2011-2012, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
MoTaSu, 7458
    2011-2014, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Modelling and extrapolation of peatland greenhouse gas fluxes, 7114
    2002-2006, Alm Jukka, JO
Modelling establishment and early development of forest stands, 3451
    2007-2011, Miina Jari, JO
Modelling of regeneration result and early development in forest stands, 3370
    2003-2006, Miina Jari, JO
Modification of the MELA Model to use Assimilated Initial Data to Produce Forest Growth Estimates in Boreal Forests, 7196
    2005-2008, Packalen Tuula, JO
Monitoring nutrient export from forestry areas, 7556
    2013-2014, Finér Leena, JO
Multidimensional sustainability framework to evaluate forest and wood energy production, 7377
    2009-2011, Pasanen Karri, JO
New logistic and technology innovations in wood procurement of forest industry, 3513
    2009-2013, Väätäinen Kari, JO
New wood product solutions and their competitiveness, 3499
    2008-2010, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Non-timber forest products, 3112
    1975-1996, Salo Kauko, JO
Norhern range and raw materials, characteristics and uses of wood-based thermal liquids (NORPYRO), 7573
    2013-2014, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Novel upgraded products of mechanical wood processing, 3355
    2002-2006, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Nutrient stores in peatlands in Finland, 3263
    1999-2003, Alm Jukka, JO
Organic Matter Dynamics in a boreal forest and the effect of forest-management, 7424
    2010-2011, Piirainen Sirpa, JO
Organinization and participation of Japanese-Finnish seminar in Japan, 640080
    2011-2012, Finér Leena, JO
Peatland use, 7533
    2012, Finér Leena, JO
Planning phase - Improving Research Capacity of Forest Resource Information Technology in Vietnam and Nepal, 7372
    2009, Eerikäinen Kalle, JO
Population dynamics of forest pests,their influences on different tree species, population estimates and forest protection, 3372
    2003-2006, Neuvonen Seppo, JO
Prediction and mitigation of nutrient and sediment load from forested catchments: Development of FEMMA-computation tool, 3506
    2008-2012, Finér Leena, JO
Properties of structural and garden products made of small-diameter timber (LAMIPUU), 7316
    2008-2010, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Protection of forest biodiversity in multi-objective forest planning, 3419
    2005-2009, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Quality and value of timber from drained peatlands for end-use oriented forest industries, 3258
    1999-2003, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Quality, measurement and procurement of wood raw materials in specializing timber utilization, 3192
    1997-2001, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Raw material potentials, properties, suitability and competitiveness of Scots pine and Norway spruce in wood product industries, 3501
    2008-2013, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Recognizing Methods for Increasing Wood Construction in the EU, 7541
    2013, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Recycling of wood products - preliminary survey, 7378
    2009-2010, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Regional aspects of the societal and forestry effects of cervids in Finland, 3429
    2006-2011, Matala Juho, JO
Regional forest resources in changing climate, 7241
    2006-2010, Matala Juho, JO
Report and evaluation of environmental impacts and risks of renewable energy production and use, 7516
    2012-2013, Pasanen Karri, JO
Research and Forest Information from Kukkola, 7384
    2009-2010, Muhonen Timo, JO
Risks for Finnish wood harvesting enterprises in Russia, 7582
    2014, Karvinen Sari, JO
Roadmap of municipal forest planning, 7222
    2006-2008, Hujala Teppo, JO
Russian, Central and Eastern European Forestry Info Service, 3406
    2005-2006, Karvinen Sari, JO
Russian, Central and Eastern European Forestry Info Service, 3536
    2010-2012, Karvinen Sari, JO
Social Enterprises in Community Renewable Energy (SECRE), 7487
    2011-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
State of Finland's Forests 2011 -report, 7463
    2011, Parviainen Jari, JO
Sustainability of Biomass utilisation in Changing Operational Environment, SUBICHOE, 7380
    2009-2011, Pasanen Karri, JO
Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST), 7562
    2013-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Technology and economics of forest biomass procurement for energy production, 7346
    2008-2010, Pasanen Karri, JO
Technology and logistics of industrial and energy wood in Finland and in the EU., 3426
    2006-2010, Asikainen Antti, JO
The assessment and control of risks caused by forest pest insects in a changing environment, 3438
    2007-2012, Neuvonen Seppo, JO
The bottlenecks of forest chips supply chains, 7429
    2010, Laitila Juha, JO
The effect of climate change and forest management on the amount and quality of runoff from forested catchments, 50158
    2007-2011, Finér Leena, JO
The effects of the timing of soil frost thawing on growth and physiologyof roots and shoot in trees, 3394
    2004-2007, Repo Tapani, JO
The integration of high resolution remote sensing material and real-time forest information systems for planning of forest operations, 3526
    2009-2011, Hyvönen Pekka, JO
The risk of leaching from ash fertlized peatlands, 3374
    2003-2007, Piirainen Sirpa, JO
Thinning of peatland forests, 7055
    2000-2001, Finér Leena, JO
Timber production possibilities on Finnish peatlands, 3266
    1999-2003, Packalen Tuula, JO
Timber quality in single-grip harvester logging, 3358
    2002-2004, Asikainen Antti, JO
Timber scaling for quantity and quality, 3359
    2002-2007, Lindblad Jari, JO
Tools for Water Protection in Forestry, 7217
    2006-2010, Finér Leena, JO
Tree root and shoot, and soil microbial responses to soil temperature, 3221
    1997-2000, Finér Leena, JO
UNECE-FAO -team meeting, 7537
    2012, Korhonen Kari Tapani, JO
Using natural resource information to support policy making and decision making, 7326
    2008-2009, Packalen Tuula, JO
Value formation of timber stands when targeting for alternative end-products in timber harvesting, 3357
    2002-2007, Wall Tapio, JO
Wood balance scenarios, 3573
    2012-2014, Packalen Tuula, JO
Wood energy resources and markets of energy technology in EU and international bioenergy trade, 7183
    2005-2007, Asikainen Antti, JO
Wood for energy -a contribution to the development of sustainable forest management, 832801
    2001-2005, Asikainen Antti, JO
Wood fuel quality management, 7481
    2011-2013, Anttila Perttu, JO
Wood harvesting technology and wood procurement in Finland and in the EU, 3403
    2005, Asikainen Antti, JO

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