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European Union

Action C1 Fol1 Quality, expertise and evaluations related to tree foliage assessments and nutrient cycles 2009 - 2010, 8530
    2009-2011, Rautio Pasi, PA
Action C1 Phen Quality, expertise and evaluations within phenological assessments 2009 - 2011, 8528
    2009-2011, Beuker Egbert, PU
Action C1 SS Quality, expertise and evaluations within soil solution surveys 2009 - 2011, 8529
    2009-2011, Derome Kirsti, RO
Action D1 Tree vitality and adaptation 2009 - 2011, 8525
    2009-2011, Beuker Egbert, PU
Action D2 Nutrient cycling and critical loads 2009 - 2011, 8526
    2009-2011, Rautio Pasi, PA
Action D3 Water budgets 2009 - 2011, 8527
    2009-2011, Lindroos Antti-Jussi, RO
Action IM1 Selection of core plots for intensive monitoring 2009 - 2011, 8524
    2009-2011, Ukonmaanaho Liisa, PA
Action L2 Large scale representative monitoring 2009 - 2011, 8523
    2009-2011, Nevalainen Seppo, VA
Action M7 Project management by associated beneficiaries 2009 - 2011, 8521
    2009-2011, Merilä Päivi, PA
Action M8 National dissemination of information 2009 - 2011, 8522
    2009-2011, Merilä Päivi, PA
Analysis of Dendrochronological varioability and associated natural climates in Eurasia during the last 10.000 years, 8042
    1996-1999, Timonen Mauri, RO
Assessing and monitoring biodiversity in boreal forests, 843001
    2005-2007, Siitonen Juha, PA
Assessment of magnitude and importance of vector-borne diseases in Europe, 8517
    2007-2008, Henttonen Heikki, VA
BEE - Biomass Energy Europe, 8518
    2008-2010, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA
BioSoil, Biodiversity, 843009
    2006-2008, Tonteri Tiina, PA
BioSoil, Soil, Level I, Part I, 843006
    2006-2007, Ilvesniemi Hannu, PA
BioSoil, Soil, Level I, Part II, 843007
    2006-2008, Ilvesniemi Hannu, PA
BioSoil, Soil, Level II, 843008
    2006-2008, Derome John
Biodiversity Assessment Tools, 832901
    2000-2003, Tomppo Erkki
Biodiversity and Economics for Conservation, 8276
    2001-2004, Horne Paula
CarboInvent II, multi-source inventory methods for qualifying carbon stocks, 832302
    2002-2005, Tomppo Erkki
Challenges of modernity for reindeer management: integration and sustainable development in Europe's subarctic and boreal regions, 832701
    2001-2004, Helle Timo
Characterisation and validation of wood properties in birch for industrial use and future breeding, 8275
    2000-2002, Hagqvist Risto, VA
Climate Change - Terrestrial Adaptation and Mitigation in Europe, 8520
    2008-2011, Kallio Maarit, VA
Climate change indicators and vulnerability of boreal zone applying innovative observation and modeling techniques, 8548
    2013-2017, Peltoniemi Mikko, VA
Climate change induced drought effects on forest growth and vulnerability (Climforisk), 8534
    2011-2014, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA
Comparison of Harvesting Methods - Impacts on Wood Quality and Overall Performance of Wood Harvesting Companies, 8508
    2006-2008, Karvinen Sari, JO
Delivery of sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a resource-efficient Bioeconomy in Europe (S2Biom), 8549
    2013-2016, Anttila Perttu, JO
Development and evaluation of methods for determining in the form of snow within the stand on the Finnish intensive (Level II) continuous observation plot network, 815313
    1998-2000, Raitio Hannu, PA
Development of Assessment and Monitoring Techniques at Integrated Monitoring Sites in Europe. Sub-project: Enhancement of forest growth and nutrient uptake estimates, 8098
    1996-1997, Starr Michael
Development of Forest Products Trade Flows on a Global Scale, 824301
    2001, Palo Matti
Diagnostics and control of rodent-borne viral zoonoses in Europe, 816803
    2002-2005, Henttonen Heikki, VA
EDENext - Biology and control of vector-borne diseases in Europe, 8537
    2011-2015, Henttonen Heikki, VA
    2002-2008, Vanha-Majamaa Ilkka, VA
EVOLTREE - Evolution of Trees as drivers of Terrestrial Biodiversity, 8514
    2006-2010, Kärkkäinen Katri, MU
Effect of water and nutrient stress on pine susceptibility to various pest and disease guilds, 8207
    1997-2001, Kytö Maarit, VA
Emerging diseases in a Changing European Environment (EDEN), 8502
    2004-2010, Henttonen Heikki, VA
Energy wood resources and potential location of heating plants in Northern Savo, 8136
    1998, Pesonen Mauno
European Network on emerging diseases and threats through invasive alien species in forest ecosystems (FORTHREATS), 8516
    2007-2009, Hantula Jarkko, VA
European climate of the last millennium (Millennium), 8507
    2006-2011, Jalkanen Risto, RO
Evaluating the financing of Forestry, 8238
    2000-2004, Hänninen Harri, VA
Evaluating the possibilites of reducing the load of forestry to inland lake systems within the basin of Kokemäenjoki river, 8217
    1999-2002, Ahti Erkki
Evaluation of Lysimeter, 815314
    1999-2000, Raitio Hannu, PA
FORGER - Towards the Sustainable Management of Forest Genetic Resources in Europe, 8544
    2012-2016, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Five European RES Heat Pilots (5EURES), 8503
    2005-2008, Anttila Perttu, JO
Foliar data quality assurance and control in ICP Forest monitoring program by ICP Forests Expert Panel on Foliage, 8505
    2005-2007, Rautio Pasi, PA
Foremms, 821801
    2000-2002, Alm Jukka, JO
Foremms II - demonstration, 821802
    2001-2003, Alm Jukka, JO
Forest Biodiversity Tesh-phase Assessments (ForestBIOTA), 843005
    2005-2007, Salemaa Maija, PA
Forest Fire Spread and Migitation 2002 2004, 830301
    2002-2004, Vanha-Majamaa Ilkka, VA
Forest Focus coordination, 844001
    2005-2006, Derome John
Forest Focus coordination, 2006, 844002
    2006-2008, Derome John
Forest nutrition at the Finnish and Austrian Level I plots in 1987 - 2000, 815316
    2002, Raitio Hannu, PA
Forest Reserves Research Network (EU-COST), 8124
    1996-1999, Parviainen Jari, JO
Forest response of environmental stress ant timberlines: sensitivity of northern, alpine and menditerranean forest limits to climate, 806401
    1996-1999, Jalkanen Risto, RO
FunDivEUROPE-Functional significance of forest biodiversity in Europe, 8536
    2010-2015, Finér Leena, JO
Genetic control of lipid usaturation and frost hardiness in birch, 50018
    2001-2003, Sutinen Marja-Liisa, RO
Growth changes of Norway spruce under varying climatic conditions on sites in Northern and Central Europe, 8208
    1997-2001, Mielikäinen Kari
Growth of Silver Birch at evelevated levels of carbon dioxide and ozone: Adaptations in photosynthesis, injuries and protection by ascorbate and terpenes, 8186
    1998-2001, Vapaavuori Elina
Hantavirus Infections in Europe: Molecular Virology, Epidemiology and Ways of Control, 8071
    1997-2000, Henttonen Heikki, VA
Imbalanced Forest Nutrition - Vitality Measures, 8097
    1995, Mälkönen Eino
Improving the Quality of Estonia's National Greenhouse Inventory, EE06-IB-TWB-ENV-06, 8531
    2009, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA
Increasing the ecological connections and coherence of the Natura 2000 network in South-west Lapland (NATNET), 8541
    2012-2015, Nikula Ari, RO
Innovative and Effective Technology and Logistisc for Forest Residual Biomass Supply in the EU (INFRES), 8545
    2012-2015, Asikainen Antti, JO
Integration, 831901
    2001-2005, Vuollekoski Martti, VA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring (Level II), 815308
    1997-1998, Raitio Hannu, PA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring 1998 (Level II), 815390
    1998, Raitio Hannu, PA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring 1999 (Level II), 815320
    1999, Raitio Hannu, PA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring 2000 (Level II), 815330
    2000, Raitio Hannu, PA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring 2001 (Level II), 815340
    2001, Raitio Hannu, PA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring 2002 (Level II), 815350
    2002, Raitio Hannu, PA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring 2003 (Level II), 815360
    2003, Raitio Hannu, PA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring 2004 (ICP-Forests / Level II), 838100
    2004-2005, Rautio Pasi, PA
Intensive Observation Point Network Monitoring 2004 (ICP-Forests / Level II), 842000
    2005-2007, Merilä Päivi, PA
Intensive forest Monitoring 2006, Level II, 842020
    2006-2008, Merilä Päivi, PA
International network for terrestrial research and monitoring in the Arctic (INTERACT), 8538
    2011-2014, Jokinen Mikko, KO
LAI-2000 estimates as an indicator of forest vitality, 815311
    1997-1999, Raitio Hannu, PA
    2006-2010, Huhta Esa, KO
LIFE to KOLI- Restoration of the forests and meadows in the National Park, 8025
    2003-2006, Eerikäinen Kalle, JO
Laboratory ring test for deposition and soil solution sample analyses between countries, 815315
    2002, Raitio Hannu, PA
Laboratory ring test programme for deposition and soil solution sample analyses between the countries participating in the Forest Focus Level II monitoring programme, 843004
    2005-2007, Derome John
Landscape lab - LIFE, 8501
    2004-2009, Huhta Esa, KO
Lapland Atmosphere-Biosphere Facility LAPBIAT, 50055
    2001-2004, Sutinen Marja-Liisa, KO
LifeData - Knowledge based data services - improving the life cycle and accessibility of environmental data provided for public interest, 8540
    2011-2015, Kantola Anu, VA
Linking Pan-European Landcover Change to Pressures on Biodiversity, BIOPRESS, 832902
    2003-2006, Tomppo Erkki
Management of Indigenous Tree Species for Ecosystem Restoration and Wood Production in Semi-arid Miombo Woodlands in Eastern Africa (MITMIOMBO), 8512
    2006-2010, Valkonen Sauli, VA
Modelling the effect of climate change on phytomass with a GIS, 8227
    1998-2001, Nikula Ari, RO
Monitoring Infection by Heterobasidion and Cronartium in Spruce and Pine Stand by Airborne Image Spectrometry (AISA), 806402
    1996-1999, Kurkela Timo
Monitoring and assessment of resources in Europe - Forest region: 3.1.1, 8183
    1996-1999, Tomppo Erkki
Monitoring changes in the carbon stocks of forest soils, 843002
    2005-2007, Mäkipää Raisa, PA
Multi-source inventory methods for qualifying carbon stocks and stock changes in European forest, 832301
    2002-2005, Sievänen Risto, VA
NOVELTREE- Novel Tree Breeding Strategies, 8519
    2008-2013, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Natura Net, 8513
    2006-2008, Savonen Eira-Maija, PA
Natural forests and mires in the green belt of Koillismaa and Kainuu (GreenBelt), 805701
    2004-2008, Tolvanen Anne, MU
Needle trace method and crown thinning (defoliation) in pines, 806403
    1997-2000, Jalkanen Risto, RO
Network for a European Forest Information Service (NEFIS), 800603
    2003-2005, Saarikko Jarmo, ES
New Way to Value and Market Forest Externalities, 8533
    2009-2014, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
Northern Coniferous -Tools through research for the sustainable use of forests in the Barents Region., 8509
    2006-2008, Huhta Esa, KO
Participation in the activities of the ICP Forests ad hoc working group on QA/QC in deposition and soil solution monitoring., 8515
    2007, Derome John
Phenology expert, 8506
    2004-2007, Beuker Egbert, PU
Pine sawfly pheromones for sustainable management of European forest, 804701
    1996-1999, Varama Martti
Predicting Impacts on a Natural Ecotone - PINE, 829401
    2002-2005, Jalkanen Risto, RO
Preservation of the Arctic Fox, Alopex lagopus, in Sweden and Finland, 816801
    1998-2002, Henttonen Heikki, VA
Promotion to Regional Bioenergy Initiatives, 8539
    2011-2014, Karjalainen Timo
Quantification and valuation of ecosystem services to optimize sustainable re-use for low-productive drained peatlands (LIFEPeatLandUse), 8547
    2013-2018, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Regulation of fruiting body production of Boletus pinophilus, 834601
    2002-2004, Sarjala Tytti, PA
Remote Sensing, 8001
    1995-1997, Tomppo Erkki
Resilience and stability in developing tools for sustainable forest management and restoration, 8532
    2009-2012, Vanha-Majamaa Ilkka, VA
STARTREE - Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products a challenge and opportunity, 8546
    2012-2016, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Saving the endangered Fennoscandian Alopex lagopus (SEFALO+), 816804
    2003-2008, Henttonen Heikki, VA
Scale dependent monitoring of non-timber forest resources based on indicators assesses in various scales., 8241
    1999-2002, Tomppo Erkki
Seasonal Variation in the Size and Chemical Composition of Scots Pine and Norway Spruce Needles in Different Weather Conditions, 815305
    1996-1997, Raitio Hannu, PA
Seasonality of the spatial distribution of inorganic contaminants in tree crowns, 50046
    2002-2004, Raitio Hannu, PA
Social and cultural dimensions of environmental issues at tourist destinations (LABSOC), 8504
    2005-2007, Tuulentie Seija, RO
Sustainable development of the Pechora region in a changing environment and society SPICE, 830701
    2000-2003, Nikula Ari, RO
Sustainable tourism in Rokua area, 829501
    2002-2005, Tuulentie Seija, RO
TRACOPI Enhancing local program based innovation and development - a landscape and natural resources perspective, 8535
    2010-2013, Kurttila Mikko, JO
TREEBREEDEX: a working model network of tree improvement for competitive, multifunctional and sustainable European forestry, 8510
    2006-2011, Kärkkäinen Katri, MU
    2011-2016, Beuker Egbert, PU
TREES4FUTURE - transnational access, 8543
    2011-2016, Beuker Egbert, PU
TREESNIPS - Developing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) markers for adaptive variation in forest trees, 836501
    2002-2007, Kärkkäinen Katri, MU
The Annual Monitoring of Forest Condition in Finland 1998, (level I), 814410
    1998, Lindgren Martti, VA
The Annual Monitoring of Forest Condition in Finland 1997, (level I), 814407
    1997-1998, Lindgren Martti, VA
The Annual Monitoring of Forest Condition in Finland 1999, level I, 814411
    1999, Lindgren Martti, VA
The Annual Monitoring of Forest Condition in Finland 2000, level I, 814412
    2000, Lindgren Martti, VA
The Annual Monitoring of Forest Condition in Finland 2001, level I, 814413
    2001, Lindgren Martti, VA
The Annual Monitoring of Forest Condition in Finland 2002, 814414
    2002, Lindgren Martti, VA
The Plague of Central Asia - an epidemiological study focusing on space-time dynamics STEPICA, 816802
    2001-2003, Henttonen Heikki, VA
The annual monitoring of forest condition in Finland, 2003 (level 1), 814415
    2003, Lindgren Martti, VA
The annual monitoring of forest condition in Finland, 2004 (level 1), 814416
    2004, Lindgren Martti, VA
The annual monitoring of forest condition in Finland, 2005-2006 (level 1), 841001
    2005-2007, Lindgren Martti, PA
The annual monitoring of forest condition in Finland, 2006, 841002
    2006-2008, Lindgren Martti, PA
The development of the Finnish forestry sector information system: PHASE 1, 800601
    1998-1999, Mikkola Eero, HE
The development of the Finnish forestry sector information system: Phase 2, 800602
    1999-2000, Aarne Martti, HE
The effect of fertilization on radiocaesium distribution in the forest, 8196
    1997-1999, Raitio Hannu, PA
The role of understory vegetation, forest litter fall and forest floor in the carbon and nitrogen fluxes of boreal coniferous forest ecosystems, 843003
    2005-2007, Derome John
The telemetric data transfer from the field to the office, 815309
    1997-1999, Raitio Hannu, PA
Variation in throughfall amount and quality during growing season in relation to collector type and arrangement, 815312
    1997-1999, Raitio Hannu, PA
Wood for energy -a contribution to the development of sustainable forest management, 832801
    2001-2005, Asikainen Antti, JO

European Union (indirect)

Raw material properties and measurement of forest-based biomaterials, 7355
    2009-2010, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Applying foresight in increasing business activities in Russia among forest bioeconomy companies, 7581
    2014-2015, Leinonen Timo, JO
BIOSTEP - From nature to pharmaceutical lead compounds, 7578
    2014, Sarjala Tytti, PA
Bioenergy from Laplands stands, 7459
    2011-2013, Repola Jaakko, RO
Central and Eastern Europe Information Service (KIEMET), 7395
    2010-2013, Karvinen Sari, JO
Developing the Pinus Sylvestris L Resource, 7311
    2008-2011, Malinen Jukka
Enhancement of work opportunities with forest enterprises, 7194
    2005-2008, Uusitalo Jori, PA
Enhancing local activity and values from forest land through community-led strategic planning, 7184
    2005-2008, Packalen Tuula, JO
Establishing family field test of Siberian Larch, 7185
    2004-2009, Nikkanen Teijo, PU
Forest Refine, 7494
    2012-2014, Nurmi Juha, KA
Forest as the promoter of nature-related business and core of collaboration, 7419
    2010-2012, Kanninen Kaija
ForestPower, 7347
    2009-2013, Nurmi Juha, KA
Granulation enhances ecological friendliness, 7565
    2013-2014, Kubin Eero, OU
Identification of restrictions to land use in forest management, 7492
    2012-2014, Packalen Tuula, JO
Impact management of Sulphide soil induced acidity in peat harvesting (SuHE), 7486
    2011-2014, Kunnas Susan, RO
International Cross-comparison Course (ICC 2005), 7204
    2005, Lindgren Martti, VA
Interreg-Tacis Northern Coniferous Forests - Tools through research for the sustainable use of forests in the Barents Region., 7224
    2006-2008, Huhta Esa, KO
Kitka-MuHa, 7561
    2013-2015, Kunnas Susan, RO
Light for the plantations - LED technology in the somatic embryogenesis of conifers, 7588
    2014, Aronen Tuija, PU
Long term data of Lapland (Kilpisjärvi-Kolari LTSER), 7435
    2010-2013, Jokinen Mikko, RO
Measuring quality control and database development on the forestry water loadings, 7569
    2013-2015, Kunnas Susan, RO
MoTaSu, 7458
    2011-2014, Kurttila Mikko, JO
New technologies for low volume road network construction and maintenance, 7457
    2011-2014, Uusitalo Jori, PA
NorSEN-Suonenjoki, 7199
    2005-2006, Smolander Heikki, SU
Nordkalotten Satellite Evaluation Network: monitoring the effects of climatic change on natural resources, 7189
    2005-2007, Tolvanen Anne, MU
Norhern range and raw materials, characteristics and uses of wood-based thermal liquids (NORPYRO), 7573
    2013-2014, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Northern Wood Heat, 7171
    2004-2008, Röser Dominik
PELLETime - Solutions for competitive pellet production in medium size enterprises, 7297
    2008-2010, Röser Dominik
Perämerenkaaren HaKu, 7568
    2012-2015, Kunnas Susan, RO
Pohjoisten yhteisöjen sopeutuminen ilmastonmuutokseen (Clim-ATIC), 7327
    2008-2011, Tuulentie Seija, RO
Practical guide for forest tree seed and nursery managers, 7615
    2014-2015, Poteri Marja, SU
R&D Unit for Direct Seeding of Scots pine, 7437
    2010-2013, Smolander Heikki, SU
Reconciliation of Mining and Tourism in North-East Finland, 7563
    2013-2015, Jokinen Mikko, KO
Research professorship in natural resources law - LUODE, 7575
    2013-2015, Alenius Virpi, RO
Russian Wood Quality and Forestry Information Service, 7210
    2005-2007, Karvinen Sari, JO
Seed laboratory of Suonenjoki Research Station, 7198
    2005-2007, Smolander Heikki, SU
Social Enterprises in Community Renewable Energy (SECRE), 7487
    2011-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Socioecological tools for the planning of tourist destinations in Kainuu, 7476
    2011-2014, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Start up the operation of seed laboratory in Suonenjoki Research Station, 7197
    2005-2007, Smolander Heikki, SU
Technology and economics of forest biomass procurement for energy production, 7346
    2008-2010, Pasanen Karri, JO
The granulation of ashes in North Ostrobothnia, 7464
    2011-2013, Kubin Eero, OU
USVA - Developing program for renevable energy value networks and innovation environment, 7545
    2013-2014, Rummukainen Arto, VA
Vegetative propagation - know how and technology to support bioeconomy, 7479
    2011-2014, Aronen Tuija, PU
Visualization as a tool in land-use planning of tourism areas, 7381
    2009-2010, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
development of chemical analytical methods for promoting econimical and r&d activities in Central Osthrobotnia, 7443
    2009-2012, Wall Antti, KA

Academy of Finland

Economically optimal adaptation of forest management in the changing climate(ECONADA), 640066
    2011-2014, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
A system for predicting stand structure from sample measurements, 640014
    2005-2006, Mehtätalo Lauri
Academy of Finland: compensation of the new salary system, 640046
    2007-2009, Paavilainen Leena, ME
Adaptability of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) to global warming and changing water regime in future climate, 640060
    2010-2013, Vapaavuori Elina
Adaptation of boreal forest management to the changing climate: modeling dynamics of forest stand and soil developement, 640082
    2012-2013, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
Age of tree root and understorey rhizome carbon across ecological gradients in boreal forests - radiocarbon isotope approach, 640037
    2008-2011, Helmisaari Heljä-Sisko
Cambial growth in Scots pine and Norway spruce during the growing season, 640064
    2010, Mäkinen Harri, VA
Carbon Balance in Northern Latitudes: Novel Assessment Methods Applying Combined Ground-Based and Earth Observation Data (CARB-BAL), 640050
    2009-2011, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA
Carbon sequestration potential of forests in changing climate with different silvicultural regimes, 640017
    2005-2008, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
Challenges of forest management in the changing environment, 640090
    2014-2016, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
Changing fire regimes in northern coniferous forests, 640043
    2008-2011, Wallenius Tuomo
Combining experiment and theory in understanding effects of herbivores on the cycling of nutrients subarctic ecosystems, 640022
    2006-2008, Stark Sari
Community dynamics of fungal viruses, 640075
    2011-2014, Vainio Eeva, VA
Dissolved organic nitrogen dynamics as influenced by soil food webs, 640041
    2008-2012, Lauren Ari, JO
Dissolved organic nitrogen dynamics as influenced by soil food webs, 640069
    2011-2012, Lauren Ari, JO
Ecology and Evolution of mycoviruses infecting Heterobasidion sp., 640042
    2008-2011, Hantula Jarkko, VA
Economic-ecological optimization of timber and bioenergy production and sequestration of carbon in Norway spruce stande, 640045
    2008-2010, Tahvonen Olli
Ectomycorrhizal fungi on Norway spruce clones: genetic control of susceptibility to fungal colonisation in relation to host tree growth, 640051
    2009-2013, Pennanen Taina, VA
Energy wood and timber market model for Finland, 640044
    2008-2011, Uusivuori Jussi, VA
Fine root biomass and biomass production in forest ecosystems, 640048
    2008-2009, Finér Leena, JO
Finnish-Japanese Seminar on Sustainable use of forest recources and bio-energy for mitigating and adapting the Climate Change, 640056
    2009-2010, Raitio Hannu, KP
Formation of phloem - new insights into 3-D anatomy and topochemistry in Picea abies, 640072
    2011-2014, Jyske Tuula, VA
Genetic control of fatty acid unsaturation and frost hardness in birch, 676237
    2001-2004, Sutinen Marja-Liisa, MU
Governing adaptive change towards sustainable economy in the Arctic, 640092
    2014-2018, Juutinen Artti
Green Economy and Policies, 640086
    2012-2016, Uusivuori Jussi, VA
Green infrastructures for health in the future living environments (GreenHealth), 640079
    2011-2015, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
Growth rate of Norway spruce: genotypic variation of root growth and interactions with rhizosphere, 640091
    2014-2018, Pennanen Taina, VA
Home beyond homes: multiple dwelling and everyday living in leisure spaces, 640073
    2011-2015, Tuulentie Seija, RO
Hydro-biogeochemistry of drained peatlands: impacts of bioenergy harvesting on trace metal transport under different hydrogeological settings (HYPE), 640058
    2010-2013, Ukonmaanaho Liisa, VA
Identification of novel regulators of plant architecture and wood formation by studying natural variation in Betula pendula, a novel model tree, 640089
    2013-2016, Nieminen Kaisa, OU
Impact of Climate Fluctuations on Microbial Communities Responsible for Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Arctic Soils, 640047
    2008-2012, Varmola Martti, RO
Impacts of climate variability and extreme events on terrestrial carbon storage, exchange flows and soil functioning, 640035
    2007-2008, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
Impacts of terrestrial organic matter loading on lake food webs and human health Challenges for environmental regulation- TERLA, 640083
    2012-2016, Piirainen Sirpa, JO
Individual health and dynamics of natural populations, 640059
    2010-2013, Huitu Otso, SU
Integrated Control of Pine Sawfly Populations: Pheromone Traps in Predicting and Controling Mass Occurrences, 672280
    2000, Lyytikäinen-Saarenmaa Päivi
Microbes and their cold-tolerance mechanisms in Arctic soils, 640007
    2004-2007, Männistö Minna, RO
Multi-scale modelling of tree growth, forest ecosystems, and their environmental control, 640081
    2012-2016, Mäkinen Harri, VA
Mycoviruses of Heterobasidion annosum - mutual interactions and host reactions, 640084
    2012-2016, Hantula Jarkko, VA
Organinization and participation of Japanese-Finnish seminar in Japan, 640080
    2011-2012, Finér Leena, JO
Phenolic compounds and terpenes as nitrogen-retaining agents in boreal forest soils, 640052
    2009-2012, Smolander Aino, VA
Plant physiology as palaeoenvironmental proxy: Amalgamation of mid and late Holocene tree-ring evidence from carbon isotopes and growth rates (CARATE), 640074
    2011-2015, Mielikäinen Kari
Plant-soil processes in peatlands under a warming climate, 640067
    2011-2015, Fritze Hannu, VA
Population genetics of Gremmeniella abietina and dsRNA viruses found in G. abietina, 601464
    2003-2006, Hantula Jarkko, VA
Population genetics of Gremmeniella abietina and dsRNA viruses found in G. abietina, 620146
    2003-2002, Hantula Jarkko, VA
Processes controlling DOC-fluxes in boreal catchments (PRO-DOC), 7361
    2009-2012, Ukonmaanaho Liisa, VA
Reindeer grazing and tundra soil carbon storage under changing climate, 640055
    2009-2012, Stark Sari
Reindeer grazing and tundra soil carbon storage under changing climate, 640063
    2010-2012, Stark Sari
Reindeer grazing and tundra soil carbon storage under changing climate, 640070
    2011, Stark Sari
Relationships between boreal understorey vegetation, soil fertility and stand structure in upland forests in Finland and Russian Karelia, 640093
    2013-2014, Merilä Päivi, OU
Resource utilization of wood-inhabiting fungi - an isotopic approach, 640085
    2012-2016, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
Responses of Scots pine and its' ectomycorrhizal symbionts to chronic low-level pollution and restoration in urban forests, 640013
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english, 7238
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