Metla - Projects Completed last Year

Economically optimal adaptation of forest management in the changing climate(ECONADA), 640066
    2011-2014, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
"Sproutstop" - breeding of Chondrostereum purpureum for sprout control, 3510
    2009-2014, Hantula Jarkko, VA
'REMOTE Renewable Energy Training and Demonstration Network for Remote Communities in the NPP Area, 7538
    2012-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Aland combined forest inventory, 7558
    2013-2014, Tuominen Sakari, VA
BIOSTEP - From nature to pharmaceutical lead compounds, 7578
    2014, Sarjala Tytti, PA
Bioenergy Proliferation and Deploymet (BioPAD), 7539
    2012-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Boreal forest mosses as indicators of nitrogen deposition, 3516
    2009-2014, Piispanen Juha, OU
CAR-ES network meeting in Finland 20. - 22.10.2014, 7606
    2014, Finér Leena, JO
Catching on success with wood, 7493
    2012-2014, Uusitalo Jori, PA
Chief Editor, The Society of Finnish Forestry, 7453
    2011-2014, Korpilahti Eeva, KP
Climate change induced drought effects on forest growth and vulnerability (Climforisk), 8534
    2011-2014, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA
Combining the forest data collection of the National Forest Inventory and the Finnish Forest Center, 7548
    2013-2014, Tomppo Erkki
Community dynamics of fungal viruses, 640075
    2011-2014, Vainio Eeva, VA
Competing uses of forest-land: the future of integrative and segregative forest management in Europe, 7502
    2012-2014, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Coordination of PUU-programme, 3498
    2008-2014, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
Coordination of Wellbeing from forests -research programme, 3481
    2007-2014, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
Costeffectivety in young stand management, 7557
    2013-2014, Saksa Timo, SU
Demo Woods, 7605
    2014, Varjo Jari, VA
Development and harmonization of new aperational research and assessment procedures for sustainable forest biomass supply, 7388
    2009-2014, Röser Dominik
Development of GIS-based machine planting in the Region of Northern Ostrobothnia, 7497
    2012-2014, Kubin Eero, OU
Effect of compressive and thermal modification on stability of surface properties of wood, 7514
    2012-2014, Möttönen Veikko, JO
Evaluation of pine's utilization areas, 7536
    2012-2014, Pulkkinen Pertti, HA
FACESMAP (Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe: Significance for Management and Policy)FPS COST project FP1201. COST meeting 14. - 16.5.2014., 7589
    2014, Hujala Teppo, VA
Finnish-Russian Forest Academy 2 - Extension and Piloting, 7540
    2012-2014, Leinonen Timo, JO
Forecasting nature-based recreation, 3586
    2012-2014, Neuvonen Marjo, VA
Forest Refine, 7494
    2012-2014, Nurmi Juha, KA
Forest inventory in large regions, 7604
    2014, Korhonen Kari Tapani, JO
Forest taxation analyse, 7612
    2014, Leppänen Jussi, VA
Formation of phloem - new insights into 3-D anatomy and topochemistry in Picea abies, 640072
    2011-2014, Jyske Tuula, VA
FuBio Joint Research II, 7474
    2011-2014, Ilvesniemi Hannu, VA
Genetic variation in growth rhythm and pest and disease resistance: potential applications in tree breeding and gene conservation work, 3538
    2010-2014, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Granulation enhances ecological friendliness, 7565
    2013-2014, Kubin Eero, OU
Graphic desing and layout to a history book, 7585
    2014, Joutsimäki Marjatta, KP
Grasses in changing climate, 7478
    2011-2014, Saranpää Pekka, VA
Identification of restrictions to land use in forest management, 7492
    2012-2014, Packalen Tuula, JO
Impact management of Sulphide soil induced acidity in peat harvesting (SuHE), 7486
    2011-2014, Kunnas Susan, RO
Impacts of host trees and neighbour microbes on Tricholoma matsutake hyphae growth, and its application, 3589
    2012-2014, Vaario Lu-Min, VA
Improving soil carbon estimation of GHG inventory, 7509
    2012-2014, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA
International network for terrestrial research and monitoring in the Arctic (INTERACT), 8538
    2011-2014, Jokinen Mikko, KO
Inventory and occurrence of red-listed forest species in areas protected under METSO programme, 7600
    2014, Siitonen Juha, VA
Light for the plantations - LED technology in the somatic embryogenesis of conifers, 7588
    2014, Aronen Tuija, PU
Low Carbon Finland 2050 -platform, 7503
    2012-2014, Kallio Maarit, VA
Man-made gene reserve forest - a new tool for dynamic gene conservation of forest tree species, 7601
    2014, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
Markets for Wood-Based Fuels - Monitoring and Review, 3574
    2012-2014, Mutanen Antti, JO
Metla's archives closing, inventoring and screening., 7610
    2014, Suomela Aini-Sisko, KP
MoTaSu, 7458
    2011-2014, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Model development, 7549
    2013-2014, Uimari Anne, SU
Monitoring nutrient export from forestry areas, 7556
    2013-2014, Finér Leena, JO
Monitoring of weed species in forest nurseries and best practices for the management of main weed species, 7465
    2012-2014, Poteri Marja, SU
Network of densely-wooded regions in Europe, partner project Forest Trails, 7519
    2012-2014, Savonen Eira-Maija, PA
New Computational Methods for effective utilization of public data, 7513
    2013-2014, Varjo Jari, VA
New Way to Value and Market Forest Externalities, 8533
    2009-2014, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
New method to reduce the environmental impacts of energy peat production, 7186
    2005-2014, Silvan Niko, PA
New technologies for low volume road network construction and maintenance, 7457
    2011-2014, Uusitalo Jori, PA
New turns in Arctic winter tourism: Adventuring, romanticising and exoticising, and demasculinising nature?, 7550
    2013-2014, Tuulentie Seija, RO
Norhern range and raw materials, characteristics and uses of wood-based thermal liquids (NORPYRO), 7573
    2013-2014, Verkasalo Erkki, JO
Novel information on woodenergy, 7522
    2012-2014, Wall Antti, KA
Phosphorus export from restored peatland forests, 50271
    2012-2014, Nieminen Mika, VA
Predicting the transformation of value chains based on forest resources in Southern and Central Ostobothnia, 7475
    2011-2014, Jylhä Paula, KA
Producing sensitivity classification of visual forest landscapes to the Kainuu and Kuusamo hill region, 7512
    2012-2014, Store Ron, KA
Promotion of wood in construction sector value networks, 3577
    2012-2014, Nummelin Tuomas, VA
Promotion to Regional Bioenergy Initiatives, 8539
    2011-2014, Karjalainen Timo
Quality and efficienccy, 7473
    2011-2014, Saksa Timo, SU
Refining of studges into fertilizers and energy products and the use of sludge fertilizers in forests, 7552
    2013-2014, Ilvesniemi Hannu, VA
Relationships between boreal understorey vegetation, soil fertility and stand structure in upland forests in Finland and Russian Karelia, 640093
    2013-2014, Merilä Päivi, OU
Resilience of forest structures, species and processes after disturbances and restoration, 3533
    2010-2014, Vanha-Majamaa Ilkka, VA
Restoration and rehabilitation as tools to enhance the biodiversity and multiple-use of peatlands, 3532
    2010-2014, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Risks for Finnish wood harvesting enterprises in Russia, 7582
    2014, Karvinen Sari, JO
Seedlings for mechanized planting, 7498
    2012-2014, Smolander Heikki, SU
Social Enterprises in Community Renewable Energy (SECRE), 7487
    2011-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Socioecological tools for the planning of tourist destinations in Kainuu, 7476
    2011-2014, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Suitability of pulp fibers of wood and reed canary grass for growing media of forest tree seedlings, 7592
    2014, Heiskanen Juha, SU
Survival abilities of Scots pine in areas infested by mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae), 3605
    2013-2014, Nuorteva Heikki, VA
Sustainability criteria for utiliasation of forest biomass, 7594
    2014, Ukonmaanaho Liisa, VA
Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST), 7562
    2013-2014, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Swamp program of North Ostrobothnia and Western Kainuu, 7445
    2010-2014, Tolvanen Anne, OU
The effect of forest management and environment on fibre properties and wood chemistry, 3584
    2012-2014, Saranpää Pekka, VA
The production and use of Sphagnum biomass for growing media purposes, 7524
    2012-2014, Silvan Niko, PA
Towards cost-efficient silviculture - implementation of mechanized tree planting in private forests, 7408
    2010-2014, Saarinen Veli-Matti, SU
USVA - Developing program for renevable energy value networks and innovation environment, 7545
    2013-2014, Rummukainen Arto, VA
Valuing ja marketing forest externalities, 3542
    2011-2014, Juutinen Artti
Vegetative propagation - know how and technology to support bioeconomy, 7479
    2011-2014, Aronen Tuija, PU
Wood balance scenarios, 3573
    2012-2014, Packalen Tuula, JO
Wood production potential, forest management and harvesting in changing environment, 3539
    2010-2014, Mäkinen Harri, VA
Yasso07 implementation for Norwegian GHG inventory. Cooperation Agreement for research partners - Research Council of Norway - Project no. 210464/O10, 7477
    2012-2014, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA

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