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European Union

Climate change indicators and vulnerability of boreal zone applying innovative observation and modeling techniques, 8548
    2013-2017, Peltoniemi Mikko, VA
Delivery of sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a resource-efficient Bioeconomy in Europe (S2Biom), 8549
    2013-2016, Anttila Perttu, JO
EDENext - Biology and control of vector-borne diseases in Europe, 8537
    2011-2015, Henttonen Heikki, VA
FORGER - Towards the Sustainable Management of Forest Genetic Resources in Europe, 8544
    2012-2016, Kärkkäinen Katri, OU
FunDivEUROPE-Functional significance of forest biodiversity in Europe, 8536
    2010-2015, Finér Leena, JO
Increasing the ecological connections and coherence of the Natura 2000 network in South-west Lapland (NATNET), 8541
    2012-2015, Nikula Ari, RO
Innovative and Effective Technology and Logistisc for Forest Residual Biomass Supply in the EU (INFRES), 8545
    2012-2015, Asikainen Antti, JO
LifeData - Knowledge based data services - improving the life cycle and accessibility of environmental data provided for public interest, 8540
    2011-2015, Kantola Anu, VA
Quantification and valuation of ecosystem services to optimize sustainable re-use for low-productive drained peatlands (LIFEPeatLandUse), 8547
    2013-2018, Tolvanen Anne, OU
STARTREE - Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products a challenge and opportunity, 8546
    2012-2016, Kurttila Mikko, JO
    2011-2016, Beuker Egbert, PU
TREES4FUTURE - transnational access, 8543
    2011-2016, Beuker Egbert, PU

European Union (indirect)

Applying foresight in increasing business activities in Russia among forest bioeconomy companies, 7581
    2014-2015, Leinonen Timo, JO
Kitka-MuHa, 7561
    2013-2015, Kunnas Susan, RO
Measuring quality control and database development on the forestry water loadings, 7569
    2013-2015, Kunnas Susan, RO
Perämerenkaaren HaKu, 7568
    2012-2015, Kunnas Susan, RO
Practical guide for forest tree seed and nursery managers, 7615
    2014-2015, Poteri Marja, SU
Reconciliation of Mining and Tourism in North-East Finland, 7563
    2013-2015, Jokinen Mikko, KO
Research professorship in natural resources law - LUODE, 7575
    2013-2015, Alenius Virpi, RO

Academy of Finland

Challenges of forest management in the changing environment, 640090
    2014-2016, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
Governing adaptive change towards sustainable economy in the Arctic, 640092
    2014-2018, Juutinen Artti
Green Economy and Policies, 640086
    2012-2016, Uusivuori Jussi, VA
Green infrastructures for health in the future living environments (GreenHealth), 640079
    2011-2015, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
Growth rate of Norway spruce: genotypic variation of root growth and interactions with rhizosphere, 640091
    2014-2018, Pennanen Taina, VA
Home beyond homes: multiple dwelling and everyday living in leisure spaces, 640073
    2011-2015, Tuulentie Seija, RO
Identification of novel regulators of plant architecture and wood formation by studying natural variation in Betula pendula, a novel model tree, 640089
    2013-2016, Nieminen Kaisa, OU
Impacts of terrestrial organic matter loading on lake food webs and human health Challenges for environmental regulation- TERLA, 640083
    2012-2016, Piirainen Sirpa, JO
Multi-scale modelling of tree growth, forest ecosystems, and their environmental control, 640081
    2012-2016, Mäkinen Harri, VA
Mycoviruses of Heterobasidion annosum - mutual interactions and host reactions, 640084
    2012-2016, Hantula Jarkko, VA
Plant physiology as palaeoenvironmental proxy: Amalgamation of mid and late Holocene tree-ring evidence from carbon isotopes and growth rates (CARATE), 640074
    2011-2015, Mielikäinen Kari
Plant-soil processes in peatlands under a warming climate, 640067
    2011-2015, Fritze Hannu, VA
Resource utilization of wood-inhabiting fungi - an isotopic approach, 640085
    2012-2016, Mäkipää Raisa, VA
Role of wood formation and transport capacity in acclimation of aspen and birch to changing climate, 640077
    2011-2015, Kostiainen Katri, SU
Structure and function of forest ecosystems along environmental gradients: implications from Tibetan Plateau and Finland, 640088
    2013-2016, Mäkinen Harri, VA
The ecological role of Acidobacteria in carbon cycling in Arctic tundra soil ecosystems, 640076
    2011-2015, Männistö Minna, RO
The procurement of the research infrastructure for atmospheric and environmental research, 7603
    2014-2015, Finér Leena, JO
Winter in changing climate: effects of snow conditions on plants, soil and their interactions in the boreal forest, 640087
    2013-2017, Rautio Pasi, RO

Tekes - Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

Data to Intelligence Tekes 340/12, 7584
    2014-2015, Hynynen Jari, VA
Hyperspectral stereoscopic imaging in remote sensing (HSI-Stereo), 7577
    2014-2015, Tuominen Sakari, VA
VARMA- Value added by optimal wood raw material, 7587
    2014-2017, Uusitalo Jori, PA


"root_polypore" and "engraver beetle", 50273
    2012-2016, Hynynen Jari, VA
Biodiversity and health, 50253
    2011-2015, Henttonen Heikki, VA
Claiming of tree breeder's rights for special forms of spruce, piloting of the process, 50282
    2013-2016, Nikkanen Teijo, PU
Control methods for cone insects, international networking, 50285
    2013-2015, Ylioja Tiina, VA
Ecosystem services and human health, 50287
    2013-2015, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
Fine root production and decomposition - the missing pieces in the carbon balance of boreal peatlands, 50291
    2014-2016, Laiho Raija, PA
Gradual implementation of restoration measures - a novel method to decrease nutrient export from restored peatland forests, 50272
    2013-2015, Nieminen Mika, VA
Integration of wood product industries in to cleantech industries, 7597
    2014-2015, Heräjärvi Henrik, JO
International collaboration in forest genetics and tree breeding (AdapCAR), 50249
    2010-2015, Aronen Tuija, PU
Nordic Forestry CAR-ES, 50107
    2005-2015, Finér Leena, JO
Nordic-Baltic Centre of Advanced Research on Forestry serving Urban Societies (CARe-FOR-US), 50180
    2008-2015, Tyrväinen Liisa, RO
Preventive and restorative measures to reduce damage on forest - Phytophthora diseases in focus, 50278
    2013-2015, Uimari Anne, SU
Virocontrol against Heterobasidion root rot problem?, 50260
    2012-2015, Hantula Jarkko, VA
Weather resistance of Scots pine and Norway spruce wood processed in tangential or radial direction, 50295
    2014-2015, Verkasalo Erkki, JO

Other funding organisations

Bamboo fuel chip production for renewable energy EEP RECOFTC, 7574
    2013-2015, Sikanen Lauri, JO
Bioenergy and Biodiversity in 2020 and beyond, 50267
    2012-2015, Kurttila Mikko, JO
Competitiveness of Finnish forest sector: Influences of globalization and international politics, 7529
    2012-2015, Katila Pia, VA
Coordination activities for the closing of the archives in Metla, MTT and RKTL., 7590
    2013-2015, Borg Kristiina, KP
Delivery and handling of the raw-materials of biorefinery, 7614
    2014-2015, Nurmi Juha, KA
Develop of selection methods, 7460
    2011-2022, Pulkkinen Pertti, VA
Developing methods for GHG-inventory, 7596
    2014-2016, Lehtonen Aleksi, VA
Douglas-fir and beech - trees for future?, 7607
    2014-2015, Pulkkinen Pertti, HA
Enhancing landscaping sector's ability to manage the risks of quarantine pests, 7595
    2014-2015, Uimari Anne, SU
Estimation of carbon stock changes of harvested wood products under the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol reporting, 7608
    2014-2016, Tuomainen Tarja, VA
Forest Research Capacity Strengthening in Mozambique 2012-2014 (FORECAS), 90238
    2012-2015, Västilä Sinikka, VA
IUFRO World Forests, Society and Environment, 50084
    2004-2018, Katila Pia, VA
Joensuu Forest Networking Week, JFNW 2013-2015, 50274
    2013-2015, Lier Markus, JO
Knowledge and dialogue to support targeting of biodiversity conservation, 7571
    2013-2016, Hujala Teppo, VA
Land-use scenarios 2015-2035, 7553
    2013-2015, Tuomainen Tarja, VA
MULTI EFFORT (Multiple eco-friendly forest use: Restoring Traditions), 7530
    2012-2015, Salo Kauko, JO
Maintenance and development of the Global Forest Information Service, GFIS -gateway, 50129
    2006-2015, Mikkola Eero, KP
Methods for utilizing the field data measurements of the Finnish National Forest Inventory in the air-borne laser based forest assessments by the Finnish Forest Centre, 7598
    2014-2015, Mäkisara Kai, VA
Monitoring of element loads from forested catcments, 7593
    2014-2017, Finér Leena, JO
Novel cross-border solutions for intensification of forestry and increasing energy wood use, 7534
    2012-2015, Karjalainen Timo
OECD - CRP - SAB, 50240
    2010-2015, Finér Leena, JO
Optimal policies and the role forest biomass in climate and energy issues, 7611
    2014-2015, Uusivuori Jussi, VA
Orchestrating forest-related policy analysis in Europe (ORCHESTRA), 7547
    2013-2015, Packalen Tuula, JO
Policy measures for sustainable use of natural resources, 7515
    2012-2015, Uusivuori Jussi, VA
Professorship with Oulu University, 7455
    2010-2019, Juutinen Artti
Soil organic carbon decomposition and climate change: a novel approach distinguishing intrinsic properties of carbon compounds from environmental constraints on decomposition (DECORATE), 7452
    2011-2015, Fritze Hannu, VA
Solving problems in forest regeneration in northern Fennoscandia, 7504
    2012-2016, Rautio Pasi, RO
The history of the Finnish Forest Research Institute, 7583
    2014-2017, Kauhanen Erkki, KP
The professorship in forest regeneration ecology and Nornet co-operation, 7394
    2010-2019, Tolvanen Anne, OU
Timber surveying fees, 7616
    2014-2016, Lindblad Jari, JO
Trainees, 7402
    2010-2015, Keronen Raili, JO
Utilization of Finnish forest energy know how and technology in Russia, 7599
    2014-2015, Karjalainen Timo
Uumaja Future forests, money transactions Metla-SLU, 7579
    2014-2015, Hänninen Riitta, VA
WRT 2013, 7542
    2012-2015, Derome Kirsti, OU
WoodBio - Wood biomass in the Nordic Bioeconomy, 50293
    2014-2016, Hytönen Jyrki, KA
Work related low-level muscle activity as RIsk FActor to disaBILITY in high technological environments - A Nordic comparative cohort study: RIFABILITY, 7508
    2012-2015, Nurmi Juha, KA

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