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LifeData 2011–2015

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Project objectives

The project develops new database management methods and user application systems by generating an integrated data management process. Similarly the project rationalises the use of data by enabling an easy access to databases.

These questions are needed to react by the following steps:

Question Action
Who can use the data/information during its life-cycle and which data sets should be priorised when building networks for public access? The data policy and service requirements will be analysed and identified at the organisation level. The existing data sets/databases will be identified.
How the data mining can be conducted and how separate data sets can be combined by the casual user? The data sets will be documented and described. The architecture of the data assortments and databases will be identified. Proper integrated databases and user interfaces will be built and outdated systems will be modernised.
How the data will be manageable as the knowledge of collected data is behind some unidentified key persons? The metadata indices will be defined using standardised data documentation. A detailed data description at variable level will be improved. The used variables will be standardised.
How the data management process is proceeding and who is responsible of it? The process description of data management will be defined. The data managers will be identified.
Who use the data/information? What is the role of data during research process? Customers and their needs will be analysed. The process description of research activities and connections to the data management process will be defined.

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