From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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LifeData 2011–2015

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  • LYNET – Finnish Partnership for Research on Natural Resources and the Environment (Finnish)
  • Geoportal Server
    • As part of LifeData project Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has finished a service to make searches in their various geographical data. There are many ways to search a geoportal, and it is possible to search the geoportal from a variety of client applications. The service includes also metadata owned by National Land Survey of Finland. For now geoportal works only in Finnish.
  • Paikkatietoikkuna
    • LifeData organisations use Paikkatietoikkuna (Finnish National Spatial Data portal) for publishing open data  for public users. It is the Finnish geoportal for displaying spatial data sets and geographic information services in words and pictures. The website supports the creation of a spatial data infrastructure and the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. E.g. Metla has published FMI multi-source national forest inventory data 09/11/2012 in the web site.

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