From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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LifeData 2011–2015

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LifeData will be put into practice in the following actions:


1. Project management

The Lifedata organisation consists of the management group, advisory group and action groups. (read more)


2. Customer service strategy

Custom service strategy defines and implements what services at which terms the organisation produces. (read more)


3. Data architecture; data modelling and databases

Data Architecture describes how data is processed, stored and utilised within a given organisation. (read more)


4. Data searching systems

By developing data searching systems LifeData provides open and easy access to the public knowledge bases allowing innovative communication channels between the public and the scientific knowledge. (read more)


5. Internet map services

Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) will develop internet GIS services for customers identified in the service strategy. (read more)


6. Dissemination and communication

The project disseminating is essential to make sure that all the data managers, researchers and public take advantage of the project results. (read more)



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