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LifeData 2011–2015

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LifeData develops knowledge based data services and improves the life cycle and accessibility of environmental data

This project identifies, applies and demonstrates new database management methods and user application systems for generating an integrated data management process. Similarly, the project rationalises the use of collected data to bridge the gap between data and information producers and users enabling an easy access to databases. The appropriate tools for data management and well organised working methods rationalise the data collection, documentation, storing, (re)use and mining. The tools and methods will be conducted at organisation level, such that they can be utilised in other knowledge based organisations to communicate with public actors.

LifeData will be put into practice in six actions.

LifeData (2011–2015) is a joint project between Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla (coord.), Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (RKTL). LifeData is funded by EU Life+ instrument. Agrifood Research (MTT) is participating as a project partner with independent funding.


LifeData Newsletter 1/2015 (Finnish), 10.6.2015

Presentation of Wildlife Monitoring in Finland (pdf, English), held by Pekka Helle in IBFRA-conference, Rovaniemi, Finland, 28.5.2015

Poster of DATAPUU presented in IBFRA conference, May 2015. (English)

Poster of VALUE presented in IBFRA conference, May 2015. (English)

Riistakolmiolaskennan verkkopalvelun esittely­sivusto (osahanke 3). / A finnish site of the wildlife triangles count service in the web (action 3).


Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA, coordinator

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

Game and Fisheries Research Institute RKTL

Agrifood Research (MTT) is participating as a project partner with
independent funding.




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