From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Final report (31.3.2015)

Progress report (30.1.2014)

Midterm report (30.1.2013)

Inception report (1.9.2011)


See results of the project published in special issue of Boreal Environment Research

Key publications of the project:

Härkönen S, Lehtonen A, Manninen T, Tuominen S, Peltoniemi M (2015). Estimating forest leaf area index using satellite images: comparison of k-NN based Landsat-NFI LAI with MODIS-RSR based LAI product for Finland. Boreal Environment Research 20

Kalliokoski T, Mäkelä A, Fronzek S, Minunno F, Peltoniemi M. Sensitivity of gross primary production of boreal forests to climate change scenario uncertainties and tree water use efficiency. Manuscript

Muukkonen P, Nevalainen S, Lindgren M, Peltoniemi M (2015). Spatial occurrence of drought associated damage in Finnish boreal forests: results from forest condition monitoring and GIS analysis. Boreal Environment Research 20

Nevalainen S, Sirkiä S, Peltoniemi M, Neuvonen S (2014). Vulnerability to pine sawfly damage decreases with site fertility but the opposite is true with Scleroderris canker damage; results from Finnish ICP Forests and NFI data. Ann For Sci:1-9

Peltoniemi M, Pulkkinen M, Aurela M, Pumpanen J, Kolari P, Mäkelä A (2015). A semi-empirical model of boreal forest gross primary production, evapotranspiration, and soil water – calibration and sensitivity analysis. Boreal Environment Research 20

Peltoniemi M., Markkanen T., Härkönen S., Muukkonen P., Thum T., Aalto T. & Mäkelä A. 2015. Consistent estimates of gross primary production of Finnish Forests - comparison of estimates of two process models. Boreal Environment Research  20

Härkönen, S., Lehtonen, A., Eerikäinen, K., Peltoniemi, M., Mäkelä, A. 2011. Estimating forest carbon fluxes for large regions based on process-based modelling, NFI data and Landsat satellite images. Forest Ecology and Management, 262 (12), 2364-2377.

Peltoniemi, M., Kalliokoski, T, Lindroos, A-J., Beuker, E. & Mäkelä, A. 2012. User guide for PRELES, a simple model for the assessment of gross primary production and water balance of forests. Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 247. Associated model bundle


Web services developed by the project:


Downlodable maps products


  • LAI map of Finland, ’ Climforisk:LAI_eff_one_sided_100m’, (from Härkönen et al., 2015)
  • fAPAR map of Finland, ‘Climforisk:fapar_100m’ (from Härkönen et al., 2015)
  • Drought vulnerability map, ‘Climforisk:Drought_risk’ (from Muukkonen et al., 2015)
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