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Policy Framework

Recent EU white paper Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action (COM(2009) 147) presents EU level framework for adaptation to climate change. The first phase planned for years 2009-2012 calls upon essential ground work to prepare a comprehensive adaptation strategy commencing in the 2nd phase in 2013. Prior to this, a solid knowledge base on the impacts and consequences of climate change in the EU should be formed. As regards forests, whitepaper calls upon an updated EU forest strategy with climate-change aspects. Our project will build solid knowledge base on forests and forest soils, by using existing data and models to provide more accurate spatial information on how edaphic and climatic factors affect forest viability in future. This information is crucial for designing cost-efficient and sustainable forest management strategies for the future. As regards EU forest action plan (COM 2006 (302)), EU plans to launch measures towards forest protection and related information systems (COM(2009) 147). Our project presents a step in that direction, i.e. a regional data system that integrates several data sources and models and that can be used for the identification of drought prone and other areas with increased vulnerabilities to several pest species. Our project aims are also in concordance with the Finland's National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (Ministry of Agriculture and Foresty, 2005) by providing more accurate means to identify and anticipate climate change induced risks for forests. It is these policy arenas, the efforts of our project are mainly targeted, and others are listed in section 'EU added value of the project and its actions'. This project also supports the decision making during the post-2012 period, when climate change policy is driven by the new global climate agreement where land-use, land-use change and forestry sector may have more incentives to mitigate emission.

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