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Project objectives


Climforisk (2011-2014) merges data and models to predict changes in forest growth and vulnerability under climate change. The system will be used to derive maps and indicators that support the decisions of officials and forest managers.

The most important questions the project aims to answer are:

  1. How the climate change will affect the forest growth and carbon sink in the future, and where the changes will be most pronounced?

  2. Which areas of Finland will become most susceptible to drought? Increased drought may cause more growth losses and mortality of trees in future.

  3. How vulnerability to biotic disturbances will change in the future? This aspect will be demonstrated with models of vulnerability for the most important forest pests and pathogens  that are potentially becoming major threats to Finnish forests in future as the climate changes.

    In addition, the project aims

  4. To demonstrate how national forest inventory (NFI) data, forest monitoring data (under the ICP, ForestFocus and FutMon programmes) and EU funded soil map campaigns can be combined for a unique data platform to provide valuable information for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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