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Forest ecosystems provide the society a spectrum of services. The society is dependent upon materials and service supplies from forests; forests provide livelihood for millions of people in the EU and elsewhere. Forests can also be used to mitigate climate change.

Climate change will induce changes in the forest structure and growth, it will change the risks to damage, and it will affect the way we should manage forests. Adaptation of forest management requires anticipation of how forest ecosystems will be affected by changes in climate.

Climforisk builds solid knowledge base to assess adverse effects of climate change on forests. With increased information available, there will better basis, for example, to plan where forests should be grown economically optimally for timber, and where they should be protected and preserved as carbon storages. Our project will combine several data sources, ranging from forest inventory to remote sensing and climate data, and links these data to state-of-the art modelling methods. Climforisk estimates how climate change will affect forests in future, and how these effects are distributed spatially. Special attention will be given to damage (drought and pests), since they have potential to cause large scale losses in a very short period of time.

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