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With the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Union

LIFE09 ENV/FI/000571
Climate change induced drought effects on forest
growth and vulnerability

Climforisk EU Life+ project investigates climate effects on forests

Climforisk merges several forest related data sources and ecosystem models to predict carbon and water balances of forests, and vulnerabilities of forests to drought, pest and pathogen damages. Project will derive maps and indicators of results that support the decisions of officials and forest managers, and disseminate them to public through Internet. Climforisk (2011-2014) is a joint project between Finnish Forest Research Institute (coord.) and Department of Forest Science, University of Helsinki.

Project finished, material available


Layman's report
Raportti suomeksi


Policy brief

Other project results and reports…

Past activities

  • Preparation of the reporting material of the project, to be submitted to EC in March 2015.
  • Action 4 and 6 synthesis reports (31.12.2014)
  • Final seminar held 9.12.2014
  • Finalizing the project’s dissemination pages about forests and climate change (Action 5)
  • Presenting the project’s Internet dissemination pages about forests and climate change at the ForestSAT conference in Italy, 4-7.11.2014 (Action 7)
  • Implemented soil carbon model Yasso to simulation platform (Action 4)
  • Identifying drought vulnerable areas based inventory and map data (Action 2)
  • Identifying factors predisposing forests to different biotic damages (Action 6)
  • Investigating www-presentation of map products (Action 5)
  • Progress report (1.2.2014)
  • Presented project work in AdaptToClimate meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus , 27-28th March 2014 (
  • Workshop in Uppsala 11th – 12th of November “Climate change and forestry in northern Europe” (Action 7)
  • Presented project at JRC 4-6.11.2013 (Aleksi Lehtonen, Action 7)
  • Participated in special issue compilation to journal Boreal Environment Research (Action 7)

More past activities..

Climate change and forests

Climate change will influence forest growth, and the rate of carbon sequestration by forests. Even modest changes in temperature and rainfall can lead to significant changes in the population dynamics of forest damaging agents such as insects and pests. Information about the areas most sensitive to these changes can be used to guide forest management in future. It is already timely, as the forest management practices of today will be reflected in the structure and function of forests for years to come. Read more...


21.4.2015 Project results published in special issue of Boreal Environment Research

5.12.2014 Project newsletter (in Finnish)

29.10.2014 | Final seminar of the project is on 9th Dec 2014 in Helsinki. Thank you for attending!.

15.07.2014 | Project has launched a tool to monitor the development of pests in forests

News archive




Dr. Mikko Peltoniemi (Project manager)
+358 29 532 5329

Dr. Aleksi Lehtonen
+358 29 532 2362

Dr. Seppo Neuvonen
+358 29 532 3272

Dr. Risto Sievänen
+358 29 532 2367

Mr. Antti Pouttu
+358 29 532 2576

Prof. Annikki Mäkelä
University of Helsinki
+358 9 191 58113

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