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Working Papers
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The role of the Working Papers among the Metla family of publications is to serve as an outlet for preliminary research findings and for papers presented at conferences and other meetings. Unlike Silva Fennica, an international journal in English, and Metsätieteen aikakauskirja, a Finnish-language quarterly, both published in cooperation with the Finnish Society of Forest Science, the series is not peer-reviewed. The Working Papers series is not open to all authors, but is intended for Metla-based research and for conferences organized or co-organized by Metla.

The series was launched in 2004. It is published in electronic format on the Internet only. The publications are usually in Finnish or in English. Access to the publications is free of charge.

Contents of the Working Papers site

On the site, you can find yearly directories, publication home pages and publications in pdf format. The English directories only contain papers published in languages other than Finnish.

You can access the pdf files from the homepage of each publication, which, in turn, can be found through the yearly directories linked on the left.

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