Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 2012


Saramäki, Teemu
The profitability of forestry in Finland and Russia
Ambrušová, Lucia & Marttila, Juhani
Comparison of outsourced operations in wood procurement in Finland and Slovakia
Peltoniemi, Mikko, Kalliokoski, Tuomo, Lindroos, Antti-Jussi, Beuker, Egbert & Mäkelä, Annikki
User guide for PRELES, a simple model for the assessment of gross primary production and water balance of forests
Riala, Maria & Asikainen, Antti
Future of forest energy in Europe in 2030
Eerikäinen, Kalle, Hinh, Vu T., Huy, Bao, Khanh, Dao C., Khoa, Phung V., Khoi, Ngo K., Lung, Nguyen N., Mandal, Ram A., Phuong, Vu T., Pokharel, Yam P., Shrestha, Him L., The, Tran N. , Yadav Bechu ,
A review of the applicability of existing tree and forest characteristics prediction models to forest inventory in Vietnam and Nepal
Moilanen, Mikko, Issakainen, Jorma & Silfverberg, Klaus
Peat ash as a fertilizer on drained mires – effects on the growth and nutritional status of Scots pine
Räty, Tarmo, Lindqvist, Daniel, Nuutinen, Tuula, Nyrud, Anders Q., Perttula, Sini, Riala, Maria, Roos, Anders, Tellnes, Lars G. F., Toppinen, Anne & Wang, Lei
Communicating the Environmental Performance of Wood Products
Tomppo, Erkki, Katila, Matti, Mäkisara, Kai & Peräsaari, Jouni
The Multi-source National Forest Inventory of Finland – methods and results 2007
Muñoz, Isabel & Goltsev, Vadim
Comparison of Wood Based Energy Related Policies in Russia and Finland: Case Study of the Republic of Karelia and North Karelia
Гольцев, Вадим, Толонен, Тимо, Сюнёв, Владимир, Далин, Бу, Герасимов, Юрий, и, Карвинен, Сари,
Лесозаготовки и логистика в России – в фокусе научные исследования и бизнес-возможности
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