Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 2011


Välkky, Elina, Viitanen, Jari & Ollonqvist, Pekka (eds.)
Impacts of Changes in Forest and Economic Policy and Business Preconditions in Russia and Finland
Roitto, Marja, Lehto, Tarja, Sutinen, Sirkka, Finér, Leena & Repo, Tapani (eds.)
ROOTS 2011 WORKSHOP, Abstracts, Joensuu, Finland,13–14 December 2011
Lopatin, Eugene, Marttila, Juhani, Sikanen, Lauri & Eklund, Timo
Atlas of the forest sector in Ukraine with the focus on wood fuels
Goltsev, Vadim, Tolonen, Timo, Syunev, Vladimir, Dahlin, Bo & Gerasimov, Yuri (eds.)
Wood harvesting and logistics in Russia – focus on research and business opportunities
Halaj, Danniel, Makkonen, Marika & Ilavský, Ján
The European Forest Sector’s Development Compared with EFSOS Predictions
Högberg, Karl-Anders, Hajek, Jörgen, Gailis, Arnis, Stenvall, Niina, Zarina, Inga, Teivonen, Satu & Aronen, Tuija
Practical testing of Scots pine cutting propagation – a joint Metla-Skogforsk-Silava project
Karppinen, Heimo, Hujala, Teppo & Virkkula, Outi (eds.)
Recent advances in land owner extension Proceedings of the IUFRO 3.08 Symposium with a special theme of peer-to-peer learning among land owners, 3–5 April 2011, Kuusamo, Finland
Goltsev, Vadim, Trishkin, Maxim & Tolonen, Timo
Efficiency of forest chip transportation from Russian Karelia to Finland
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