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Research and development for sustainable management of semiarid miombo woodlands in East Africa

Tekijät: Varmola, Martti, Valkonen, Sauli & Tapaninen, Sirkka (eds.)
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MITMIOMBO – Management of Indigenous Tree Species for Ecosystem Restoration and Wood Production in Semi-arid Miombo Woodlands in Eastern Africa – is a two-year project partly funded by the European Commission (FP6, INCO/SSA). It has six participant organizations: Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA; FIN) (Coordination), University of Joensuu (UJOE; FIN), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU; SWE), Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA; TNZ), Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI; TNZ), Tanzania Association of Foresters (TAF; TNZ).

The MITMIOMBO project is a small-scale effort to explore and experiment with tools that forest research can provide for development and extension efforts in semiarid miombo woodlands. This target has been pursued through joint application of state-of-the-art research methods and the interaction and dissemination of knowledge with researchers, professionals and local stakeholders for addressing management challenges involving indigenous stands. Major results of the activities are presented in the papers included in this publication. Experiences with methodologies applied in studies based on data from the experimental plots near Morogoro, Tanzania, are presented and assessed with future applications in mind. Results on the structure and dynamics of the stands as well as tree increment and its periodicity are presented. Experiences gained through extension and interaction with representatives of local communities and stakeholders about forest management are summarized. In review papers, current issues and future pathways towards sustainable management of miombo woodlands in Tanzania and beyond are addressed, including charcoal and biofuel production, water and nutrient balances, and economics.


forest ecosystems, forest management, semi-arid, silviculture, tropical forestry, woodlands

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Contents (pdf, koko 189 kb)
Evaluation of tree species enumerated in Kitulangalo Mitmiombo plots by uses and benefits (pdf, koko 236 kb)
M. A. Mndolwa, L. Lulandala and E. Elifuraha
Structure and dynamics of miombo woodland stands at Kitulangalo Forest Reserve, Tanzania (pdf, koko 396 kb)
L. Mbwambo, S. Valkonen and V. Kuutti
Application of modeling to study tree diameter growth in miombo woodland stands at Kitulangalo Forest Reserve, Tanzania (pdf, koko 376 kb)
S. Valkonen, E. Elifuraha and L. Kiluma
Visualization of miombo woodland stands at Kitulangalo Forest Reserve, Tanzania (pdf, koko 2439 kb)
L. Kiluma, E. Elifuraha, V. Kuutti and S. Valkonen
Short term growth of miombo tree species at Kitulangalo (pdf, koko 489 kb)
E. Elifuraha, P. Nöjd and L. Mbwambo
Regeneration of miombo woodlands: Effects of herbivory, management and competition (pdf, koko 235 kb)
T. Piiroinen, H. Roininen and S. Valkonen
Use of the Kitulangalo plots and study results in education at Sokoine University of Agriculture and beyond: current and future considerations (pdf, koko 244 kb)
L. L. L. Lulandala
Experiences and conclusions on interaction with local stakeholders round Kitulanghalo Forest Reserve, Tanzania (pdf, koko 194 kb)
M. A. Mndolwa, G. Nyberg and L. L. L. Lulandala
Forest and water relations in miombo woodlands: need for understanding of complex stand management (pdf, koko 920 kb)
A. Malmer and G. Nyberg
Economics of forest products in Tanzania (pdf, koko 209 kb)
R. Lokina, E. Robinson and J. Stage
Woodlands and the charcoal trade: the case of Dar es Salaam City (pdf, koko 1956 kb)
R. E. Malimbwi and E. Zahabu
Forest plantation for biofuels to serve natural forest resources (pdf, koko 225 kb)
D. A. Silayo, J. Z. Katani, S. M. S. Maliondo and M.C.T. Tarimo
Opportunities and challenges for sustainable management of miombo woodlands: the Zambian perspective (pdf, koko 566 kb)
F. M. Malambo and S. Syampungani

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Varmola, Martti, Valkonen, Sauli & Tapaninen, Sirkka (eds.). 2008. Research and development for sustainable management of semiarid miombo woodlands in East Africa. Metlan työraportteja / Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 98. 130 s. ISBN 978-951-40-2136-7 (PDF), ISBN 978-951-40-2137-4 (paperback). Saatavissa:


Martti Varmola, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Rovaniemi Research Unit, P. O. Box 16, FI-96301 Rovaniemi, email:

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