Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 2008


Karlsson, Kristian (eds.)
Long-Term Field Experiments in Forest Research
Säynäjoki, Raita, Maltamo, Matti & Korhonen, Kari T.
Forest inventory with sparse resolution Airborne Laser Scanning data – a literature review
Tamminen, Pekka & Tomppo, Erkki
Finnish forest soils
Varmola, Martti, Valkonen, Sauli & Tapaninen, Sirkka (eds.)
Research and development for sustainable management of semiarid miombo woodlands in East Africa
Ihalainen, Antti, Korhonen, Kari Tapani, Härkönen, Kari, Hirvelä, Hannu, Nuutinen, Tuula & Salminen, Olli
Ålands skogsresurser och avverkningsmöjligheter enligt den 10. riksskogstaxeringen
Selby, Ashley & Petäjistö, Leena
Entrepreneurial activity adjacent to small national parks in Southern Finland: Are business opportunities being realised?
Penttinen, Markku & Rantala, Olli
The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) accounting system as applied to forestry
Selby, Ashley & Petäjistö, Leena
Residents’ adjustments to adjacent national parks: A place-bound structuration perspective
Gerasimov, Yuri, Markovsky, Alexander & Il’ina, Olga
The analysis of wood harvesting restrictions in conservation areas and old-growth forests of the Vologda oblast
Gerasimov, Yuri, Markovsky, Alexander, Il’ina, Olga & Dobrynin, Denis
The analysis of wood harvesting restrictions in conservation areas and intact forest landscapes of the Arkhangelsk oblast
Derome, John, Myking, Tor & Aarrestad, Per Arild (eds.)
Current state of terrestrial ecosystems in the joint Norwegian, Russian and Finnish border area in northern Fennoscandia
Карьялайнен, Тимо, Оллонквист, Пекка, Саастамойнен, Олли & Виитанен, Яри (eds.)
На пути к прогрессивному лесному сектору на Северо-Западе России – Заключительный отчёт по исследовательскому проекту
Sievänen, Tuija, Arnberger, Arne, Dehez, Jeoffrey, Grant, Neil, Jensen, Frank S. & Skov-Petersen, Hans (eds.)
Forest recreation monitoring – a European perspective
Välkky, Elina, Nousiainen, Heidi & Karjalainen, Timo
Facts and figures of the Barents forest sector
Koivuranta, Leena, Leinonen, Kari & Pulkkinen, Pertti
Marketing of forest reproductive material: the use of microsatellites for identification of registered tree clones in Finland
Derome, John, Lindroos, Antti-Jussi & Kilponen, Tuire (eds.)
Scientific Seminar on Forest Condition Monitoring and Ecosystem Functioning in Northern Europe under the Forest Focus and ICP Forests programmes, Vantaa 27.–28.11.2007, Proceedings
Pirhonen, Ilkka, Ollonqvist, Pekka, Viitanen, Jari, Toropainen, Mikko & Bungov, Vladimir
Income and employment effects of change of roundwood use in Eastern Finland and the Republic of Karelia
Asikainen, Antti, Liiri, Harri, Peltola, Sanna, Karjalainen, Timo & Laitila, Juha
Forest energy potential in Europe (EU 27)
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