Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 2007


Ilavský, Ján, Goltsev, Vadim, Karjalainen, Timo, Gerasimov, Yuri & Tahvanainen, Timo
Energy Wood Potential, Supply Systems and Costs in Tihvin and Boksitogorsk Districts of the Leningrad Region
Gerasimov, Yuri & Karjalainen, Timo
Market for forest machinery producers in the Leningrad region
Tahvonen, Olli
Optimal choice between even- and uneven-aged forest management systems
Ilavský, Ján, Laitila, Juha, Tahvanainen, Timo, Tućek, Ján, Koreň, Milan, Pápaj, Vladimír, Žiaková, Mária, Bavlšík, Ján & Jankovský, Julius
Factors influencing availability of biomass resources and efficiency of its procurement for energy generation. A regional study for the Banská Bystrica Region, Slovakia
Gerasimov, Yuri, Markovsky, Alexander, Il’ina, Olga & Dobrynin, Denis
Анализ ограничений лесопользования на особо охраняемых природных территориях и в малонарушенных лесах Архангельской области - The analysis of wood harvesting restrictions in conservation areas and old-growth forests of the Arkhangelsk oblast
Repola, Jaakko, Ojansuu, Risto & Kukkola, Mikko
Biomass functions for Scots pine, Norway spruce and birch in Finland
Varmola, Martti, Valkonen, Sauli & Tapaninen, Sirkka (eds.)
MITMIOMBO – Management of Indigenous Tree Species for Ecosystem Restoration and Wood Production in Semi-Arid Miombo Woodlands in Eastern Africa. Proceedings of the First MITMIOMBO Project Workshop held in Morogoro, Tanzania, 6th–12th February 2007
Merilä, Päivi, Kilponen, Tuire & Derome, John (eds.)
Forest condition monitoring in Finland – National report 2002–2005
Toppinen, A., Toivonen, R., Järvinen, E., Goltsev, V., Tatti, N. & Mutanen, A.
Business environment and strategies of wood industry companies in Leningrad and Vologda regions – results from a pilot study
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