Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 2005


Gerasimov, Yuri, Siounev, Vladimir, Chikulaev, Pavel, Pechorin, Vladimir, Dyakonov, Victor, Komkov, Victor, Sikanen, Lauri & Karjalainen, Timo
An analysis of logging companies in the Republic of Karelia
Selby, Ashley, Petäjistö, Leena & Koskela, Terhi
Forests and afforestation in a rural development context: a comparative study of three regions in Finland
Lilja, A., Sutherland, J.R., Poteri, M. & Mohanan, C. (eds.)
Diseases and insects in forest nurseries - Proceedings of the 5th Meeting of IUFRO Working Party S7.03.04, May 6–8, 2003, at Peechi, Kerala, India
Mutanen, Antti, Viitanen, Jari, Toppinen, Anne, Hänninen, Riitta & Holopainen, Päivi
Forest resources, production and exports of roundwood and sawnwood from Russia
Vinokurova, Natalia, Ollonqvist, Pekka, Holopainen, Päivi, Viitanen, Jari, Mutanen, Antti & Gerasimov, Yuri
Challenges in roundwood trade between Finland and Russia – a cultural approach
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