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Northwest Russian Forest Sector in a Nutshell

The handbook gives a comprehensive, but compact, picture of the current state of the forest sector in Russia, and in Northwest region in particular. The book covers the whole chain from forest to the international trade of forest products in light of extensive statistical data. A unique and quick source of information.

> Contents, list of tables and figures (pdf)


Karvinen, S., Välkky, E., Gerasimov, Y. & Dobrovolsky, A. 2011. Northwest Russian Forest Sector in a Nutshell. Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Unit. Vammalan kirjapaino. 138 p. Hardcover, B5.

ISBN-13: 978-951-40-2343-9

Price: 95 € (incl.VAT) + delivery EU 5,5 €, other countries 7,0 €.
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Further information:
Sari Karvinen
, tel. +358 29 532 3256,

> Media release March 16, 2012
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