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Multiple-use forestry in the Nordic countries

Hytönen, M. (ed.). 1995. Multiple-use forestry in the Nordic countries. Metla, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Helsinki Research Centre. 460 pp. ISBN 951-40-1421-9.

Edited by Marjatta Hytönen

Distribution: Library of the Finnish Forest Research Institute, PO Box 18, FIN-01301 Vantaa, Finland. Tel +358 10 2111, E-mail:

Reviews of the book have appeared in Journal of World Forest Resource Management, 1997, 8(1): 103-104, Taiga-news - newsletter on boreal forests, issue 22, October 1997, p. 11, and in Forestry - Journal of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, 1998, 71(1): 80-81.

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The Nordic countries consist of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Each of these countries has its own specific traditions in forestry due to different geographical, climatic and economic conditions. They also have a lot in common with each other and the rest of the world. Forestry is increasingly characterized by multiple use everywhere.

Forest resources are utilized in many different ways to support living. The cultural importance of forests is also appreciated. They are sources of spiritual well-being, essential components in landscapes, and serve as environments for recreation. Recently, the role of forests in preserving biological diversity and in stabilizing local and global ecological systems has been increasingly recognized and studied.

Integrating the various material and non-material benefits of forests is a complicated management task. The aim of this book is to serve as an introduction to the Nordic experience in multiple-use forestry. This is done by describing the history, present situation and future challenges of the various ways of utilizing and enjoying forests and by outlining methods for integrated forest management.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 A short history of forest uses abstract
Bo Fritzbøger & Poul Søndergaard
3 History, evolution and significance of the multiple-use concept abstract
Marjatta Hytönen
4 Multiple-use forestry - a concept of communication abstract
Jann Fernand
5 Timber production and the forest industry abstract
Marjatta Hytönen & Sigurdur Blöndal
6 Non-timber forest products and their utilization abstract
Kauko Salo
7 Reindeer husbandry and hunting abstract
Timo Helle
8 Fauna and flora management in forestry abstract
Kjell Sjöberg & Tommy Lennartsson
9 Forest recreation abstract
Frank Søndergaard Jensen
10 Forest aesthetics abstract
Christina Axelsson Lindgren
11 Landscape management in forestry abstract
Minna Komulainen
12 Cultural heritage in multiple-use forestry abstract
Katrine Højring
13 Economic value of non-timber forest goods and services abstract
Per-Olav Johansson & Bengt Kriström & Leif Mattson
14 Multiple-use forestry administration, legislation and interest groups abstract
Katarina Eckerberg
15 Planning of multiple-use forestry abstract
Jyrki Kangas & Lene Kristiansen
16 Multiple-use research abstract
Olli Saastamoinen & Marjatta Hytönen
Map of the Nordic countries
A. Area and population
B. Structure of land use
C. Forest resources
D. Tree species distribution
E. Productive forest area by owner groups
F. Forest products in the economy
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