Lapland Forest Damage Project

The effect of Kola emissions on the forests of Lapland

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Aims of the Project:

  1. To determine the effects of the Kola metal industry pollutants on the forests of Lapland
  2. To produce basic scientific knowledge about Lapland's forest ecosystems and their changes
  3. To delimit the damage areas in Russian territory
 The final report in Finnish has appeared on March 31st, 1995
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This document is based on the final report of the Lapland Forest Damage Project (1990-1995).
The original material of this document has been published as a book in August 1995:
Kola Peninsula pollutants and forest ecosystems in Lapland, edited by Eero Tikkanen and Irja Niemelä.

Illustrations: Risto Haikarainen, Aarre Jortikka, Vesa Nivala
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Photography: Erkki Oksanen, Eero Tikkanen
Translation from original Finnish texts: Erkki Pekkinen
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