Nature-based tourism research in Finland: local contexts, global issues.

Saarinen, Jarkko & Hall, Michael (eds.).. 2004
Metsäntutkimuslaitoksen tiedonantoja 916. 166 p.
[ISBN 951-40-1911-3]

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Tourism, nature-based tourism, rural tourism, tourism geography


Hall, C. Michael: Seeing the trees in the forest: reflections on local connections for nature-based tourism.

Boyd, Stephen, W.: Heritage and nature-based tourism: relationships and commentary.

Sorsa, Riikka: The role of tourism in Finnish nature conservation from the Nineteenth Century to the present.

Tuulentie, Seija: The power of nature-based tourism: tensions between different understandings of nature at the peripheral tourist resort of Kilpisjärvi.

Lovén, Lasse: Names and tales as a source of nature-based tourism

Lüthje, Monika: Appearances and meanings of nature in rural
travel experiences.

Hytönen, Marjatta: Cultural and touristic significance of maritime wooden boats and ships in Finland.

Hynönen, Anne: Combining tourism planning and sustainable development in the Kalajoki tourism destination, Northern Finland.

Tuohino, Anja & Pitkänen, Kati: Selling waterscapes?

Sievänen, Tuija, Pouta, Eija & Neuvonen, Marjo: Regional variation in outdoor recreation in Finland.


Nature-based tourism is often regarded to be one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry. This is also the case in Finland, however, it has become apparent that nature-based tourism in practice is a highly polarised activity. The development possibilities of tourism are not evenly distributed, and the business of nature-based tourism is perhaps a more knowledge-based activity than the development of the industry in general.

This publication focuses broadly nature-based tourism and its local connections. This perspective has been relatively lacking in nature-based tourism research in the Finnish context and also a rather narrowly approached issue in international studies. Nature-based tourism can be seen as an integrated part of the general tourism industry, regional economics and social systems. This is one of the major perspectives of the volume in hand, which covers a variety of issues on nature-based tourism on local, national and international scales reflecting the idea of local realities and contexts influenced by global issues and processes in tourism and regional development.

Linkit: Professor Jarkko Saarinen, Professor C. Michael Hall

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