Forest and Social Services - the Role of Research

Proceedings of IUFRO Research Groups 6.01, 6.11.04 and 6.14 sessions in the XXI IUFRO World Congress 2000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Tuija Sievänen, Cecil C. Konijnendijk, Linda Langner and Kjell Nilsson (eds.) 2001.

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Chapter 1. Integration of nature-based recreation and tourism with sustainable use of natural resources

M. Emran Ali and Toshiyuki Tsuchiya: Prospect of Ecotourism in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest of Bangladesh

Keiko Shiratori and Taiichi Ito: Motorized Access Control as a Wildland Recreation Management Tool: Access Changes and Visitor's Behavior at Daisetsuzan National Park Won Sop Shin: Benefit-Based Approach to Recreational Forest Management in Korea

Chapter 2. Nature experiences and sustainable management of landscapes and recreation resources

Joanne Westhal: Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Is It Possible at the Urban-Rural Interface?

Noor Azlin Yahya: Assessment on Recreational Impacts in Malaysian Recreation Forests

John Murray and Peter Aspinall: The Experience of Forests

Chapter 3. Urban forestry

Kjell Nilsson, Cecil C. Konijnendijk, Thomas B. Randrup: State of the Art of Research and Knowledge on Urban Forests and Trees in Europe

John F. Dwyer, David J. Nowak and Gary W. Watson: Urban Forestry Research in the United States: State of the Art and Future Prospects

Liisa Tyrväinen: Monetary Valuation of Urban Forest Amenities. Possibilities and Constraints

Leena Hamberg, Irja Löfström, Minna Malmivaara and Ilkka Vanha-Majamaa: Effects of Fragmentation and Trampling on the Vegetation of Forests in Finland Armando Manito Palijon. An Analysis of Green Space Management Strategies in Metro Manila

Chapter 4. Bridging the gap between monetary and non-monetary valuation of environmental amenities

George Peterson: Integration of Monetary and Non-monetary Values in Environmental Decision Negotiation

Esa Ärölä, Ari Nalli and Markku Penttinen: Spatial Analysis in Economic Evaluation of Landscape Management Colin Price and Alun Ll. Thomas: Evaluating the Impact of Farm Woodlands on the Landscape: a Case of Blending Perspectives

Colin Price: Exact Values and Vague Products? Contingent Valuation and Passive Use Value


Publisher and sales: Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa Research Centre.

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