Forest regeneration in the northern parts of Europe. Proceedings of the Finnish-Russian Forest Regeneration Seminar in Vuokatti, Finland, Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd, 1998.


E. Mälkönen, N.A. Babich, V.I. Krutov and I.A. Markova (eds.) 2000.

Metsäntutkimuslaitoksen tiedonantoja 790. 217 p.
[ISBN 951-40-1757-9]
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The proceedings give a comprehensive overview of forest regeneration in the north of European Russia and Finland. It consists of 14 papers written by Russian experts and 10 papers prepared by Finnish experts. The proceedings deal with the following topics:

- Natural conditions and forest management
- Current state and planning of forest regeneration
- Natural regeneration and retention of understorey
- Seed crops and seed orchards
- Planting stock production
- Artificial regeneratio
- Environmental impacts of reforestation measures

Forest regeneration techniques used in both countries as well as the latest research results connected with the different problems of regeneration in the northern conditions are widely discussed.


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